Ac­cu­sed freed of taxi dri­ver mur­der

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Mur­der ac­cu­sed Step­hen Camp­bell, of Lot 5 Num­ber Se­ven, Brams­field Vil­la­ge, East Coast Ber­bi­ce, on Wed­nes­day wal­ked out of the Ber­bi­ce High Court a free man af­ter Jus­ti­ce Wil­li­am Ram­lal up­held the de­fen­se no ca­se sub­mis­si­on. Camp­bell was on tri­al be­fo­re Jus­ti­ce Ram­lal and a mixed ju­ry for mur­de­ring taxi dri­ver Tre­vor Kis­soon, bet­ween June 9 and June 10, 2010, be­fo­re dum­ping his bo­dy. The bat­te­red bo­dy of Kis­soon, 27, of 24 Alexan­der Street, New Am­ster­dam, was found in a trench at Brams­field Num­ber Se­ven, East Coast Ber­bi­ce, around noon on June 10, 2010. Kis­soon, who was em­ploy­ed with the J&N Taxi Ser­vi­ce in New Am­ster­dam, was dri­ving a sil­ver-grey 212 Toyo­ta car, HB 7489. The sta­te’s ca­se pre­sen­ted by Pro­se­cu­tor At­tor­ney­at-Law Sta­cy Goodings saw a switch in pro­se­cu­tors half way with At­tor­ney Orin­thia Sch­midt con­clu­ding the mat­ter. The ac­cu­sed was re­pre­sen­ted by At­tor­neys at law Mur­sa­le­ne Bac­chus and Per­ry Goos­ai. When the mat­ter con­ti­nued on Wed­nes­day At­tor­ney at law, Mur­sa­le­ne Bac­chus, ma­de a no ca­se sub­mis­si­on du­ring which he dis­cre­di­ted the pro­se­cu­ti­on’s ca­se, es­pe­ci­al­ly the evi­den­ce of star wit­ness Am­bi­ka Hunt who had a re­la­ti­ons­hip with the ac­cu­sed Camp­bell. Af­ter lis­te­ning to the re­but­tal do­ne by Sch­midt, Jus­ti­ce Ram­lal ma­de his ru­ling. The jud­ge sta­ted that the on­ly evi­den­ce that see­ms to con­nect Camp­bell to the de­ath of Kis­soon is the evi­den­ce of Am­bi­ka Hunt. She said that the ac­cu­sed told her at her ho­me that he and his friends kil­led a taxi dri­ver.

No di­rect evi­den­ce was led by the pro­se­cu­ti­on to es­ta­blish who the taxi dri­ver was, who we­re the friends of the ac­cu­sed or whe­re the taxi dri­ver was kil­led. He said that Am­bi­ka Hunt ad­mit­ted un­der cross exa­mi­na­ti­on that she got the da­te, June 9, 2010 from the po­li­ce as the da­te her cell pho­ne was used to call a taxi ser­vi­ce. She ad­mit­ted fur­ther that she was for­ced to tell the po­li­ce what they wan­ted to hear af­ter being in cus­to­dy for long a ti­me. In that, what the po­li­ce as­ked her on the first day, she was pre­pa­red to say on the se­cond day. Apart from Hunt’s evi­den­ce the­re was no cir­cum­stan­ti­al or di­rect evi­den­ce to es­ta­blish that by a taxi dri­ver she me­ant Tre­vor Kis­soon who was in fact a dri­ver with J and N taxi ser­vi­ce. The­re was no evi­den­ce led by the pro­se­cu­ti­on that whoe­ver used Hunt’s cell pho­ne to call J and N taxi ser­vi­ce is in fact the ac­cu­sed. The pos­ses­si­on of the cell pho­ne by Camp­bell can­not by in­fe­ren­ce lead to him being in­vol­ved and to whom cal­led the taxi. (Kai­e­teur­

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