GuySuCo 2016 tar­get lags by 156,304 ton­nes

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The Gu­y­a­na Su­gar Cor­po­ra­ti­on (GuySuCo) had set out to pro­du­ce its re­vi­sed tar­get of 218,188 ton­nes of su­gar for 2016. Ho­we­ver, with less than two months remai­ning in the year, the su­gar com­pa­ny is be­hind its tar­get by 156,304 ton­nes.

Ba­sed on the sta­tis­tics re­cor­ded in the Sep­tem­ber month­ly eco­no­mic bul­le­tin pu­blis­hed by the Mi­ni­stry of Fi­nan­ce, as of Au­gust the to­tal amount of su­gar pro­du­ced stood at 61,884 ton­nes for the year. This is sig­ni­fi­cantly lo­wer than the amount pro­du­ced last year for the sa­me pe­ri­od —-96,491 ton­nes. It was re­por­ted that in ad­di­ti­on to the first crop being lo­wer than ex­pec­ted, plan­ting for the se­cond crop star­ted la­te which re­sul­ted in a sig­ni­fi­cant de­cli­ne by 65.9 per cent when com­pa­ring pro­duc­ti­on for Au­gust, 2016 to that for 2015. Due to the cri­ti­cal fac­tor of la­te plan­ting, the Fi­nan­ce Mi­ni­stry said that GuySuCo may ha­ve to re­vi­se its 2016 tar­get down­wards. In Ju­ly no su­gar was pro­du­ced. The months of June and Ju­ly al­ways re­cord ze­ro pro­duc­ti­on for su­gar as har­vest of the first crop is com­ple­ted in May. At the end of the first crop, the to­tal amount pro­du­ced was 56,645 ton­nes. This was a re­duc­ti­on of 23,624 ton­nes from the bud­ge­ted 80,269 ton­nes and al­so down from 2015’s half year pro­duc­ti­on of 81,143 ton­nes. The Mi­ni­stry of Fi­nan­ce had said that this year’s short­fall was re­flec­ted in a de­cli­ne in ex­port sa­les, from a bud­ge­ted amount of 58,272 ton­nes to an ac­tu­al 49,278 ton­nes, com­pa­red with 77,000 ton­nes re­a­li­zed in the sa­me pe­ri­od last year.

In the Au­gust re­port by the Mi­ni­stry, the in­du­stry was still ex­pec­ted to achie­ve its re­vi­sed tar­get des­pi­te a fall in pro­duc­ti­on for the first crop. GuySuCo had ini­ti­al­ly pro­jec­ted to pro­du­ce 240,000 ton­nes of su­gar this year but had ad­ju­sted its fi­gu­re due to se­ve­r­al is­sues; one being harsh wea­ther con­di­ti­ons cau­sing most esta­tes to ha­ve mis­sed their tar­gets. It was no­t­ed that the El Ni­no wea­ther phe­no­me­non re­sul­ted in stun­ted ca­ne growth and a de­cli­ne in ca­ne yields from 57.45 ton­nes ca­ne per hec­ta­re (tc/ha) in the first crop of 2015 to 45.2 (tc/ha) in 2016. Ad­di­ti­o­nal­ly, fac­tors such as de­lays in til­la­ge, plan­ting and crop hus­ban­dry ope­ra­ti­ons con­tri­bu­ted to the un­der­per­for­man­ce of the in­du­stry. (Kai­e­teur­

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