Co­a­li­ti­on wants ze­ro to­le­ran­ce po­li­cy against cri­me

Times of Suriname - - ENGELS -

The le­gis­la­tors from the co­a­li­ti­on last week ur­ged the govern­ment to ta­ke firm ac­ti­on against cri­me. MP Am­zad Ab­doel, ac­ting lea­der of the NDP fac­ti­on, ex­plai­ned that it is ne­ces­sa­ry. “I miss a strong stan­ce and firm ac­ti­ons of the govern­ment. In ti­mes of cri­sis the­re must be a ze­ro to­le­ran­ce po­li­cy against ar­med rob­be­ries and bur­gla­ries,” said MP Ab­doel du­ring the ge­ne­ral po­li­ti­cal dis­cus­si­ons in par­li­a­ment. “I am loo­king for­ward to a strong ans­wer from the govern­ment.” Du­ring the dis­cus­si­on of the ad­di­ti­o­nal bud­get for 2016 Jus­ti­ce and Po­li­ce Mi­nis­ter Jen­ni­fer van Dijk-Si­los had poin­ted out that the­re we­re not en­ough tools to tac­kle cri­me ac­cor­din­gly. Po­li­ce Com­mis­si­o­ner Ag­nes Da­niel had al­so poin­ted out that the po­li­ce for­ce turns this way and that to car­ry out pa­trols as was the ca­se se­ve­r­al ye­ars ago. MP Ab­doel ma­de it clear that tac­kling cri­me must be a pri­o­ri­ty in a ti­me of cri­sis be­cau­se rob­bers do not hold back. “We are awa­re of the fact that in ti­mes of cri­sis pe­o­p­le with bad in­ten­ti­ons deem a li­fe of cri­me as the on­ly pos­si­ble so­lu­ti­on. We are on­ce again see­ing a wa­ve of rob­be­ries and break-ins. Ci­ti­zens are being rob­bed and as­saul­ted in their own ho­mes. The­re is hard­ly any coun­se­ling for the vic­tims which is why they are stuck with the trau­ma,” said MP Ab­doel who ad­ded that the pe­o­p­le are li­ving in fear be­cau­se of the ac­ti­ons of rob­bers. MP Ab­doel poin­ted out that he is loo­king for­ward to stric­ter me­a­su­res against cri­me. It is ex­pec­ted that the co­a­li­ti­on will plead for mo­re mo­ney for the 2017 bud­get of the Mi­ni­stry of Jus­ti­ce and Po­li­ce.

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