Trump rus­hed off sta­ge at cam­paign ral­ly

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VS - Do­nald Trump was rus­hed off a sta­ge he­re Sa­tur­day by Se­cret Ser­vi­ce agents du­ring a cam­paign speech af­ter an in­ci­dent in the crowd near the front of the sta­ge. A Se­cret Ser­vi­ce spo­kesper­son said in a sta­te­ment the­re was a com­mo­ti­on in the crowd and an uniden­ti­fied in­di­vi­du­al shou­ted gun, though no we­apon was found af­ter a tho­rough search.

A man, who la­ter iden­ti­fied himself to re­por­ters as Austyn Cri­tes, was then im­me­di­a­te­ly de­tai­ned and led out by a throng of po­li­ce of­fi­cers, Se­cret Ser­vi­ce agents and SWAT of­fi­cers ar­med with as­sault ri­fles to a si­de room. A law en­for­ce­ment of­fi­ci­al la­ter told CNN no char­ges we­re fi­led against Cri­tes.

Af­ter he was re­lea­sed from cus­to­dy, Cri­tes told re­por­ters the in­ci­dent star­ted off when he rai­sed a Re­pu­bli­cans Against Trump sign. Cri­tes said he was then as­saul­ted by a group of pe­o­p­le around him be­fo­re an­y­o­ne shou­ted any­thing about a gun.

The al­le­ged as­sault against Cri­tes is just the la­test such in­ci­dent to oc­cur at a Trump ral­ly, whe­re other pro­tes­ters ha­ve pre­vious­ly been roug­hed up. Trump was un­har­med and re­tur­ned to the sta­ge mi­nu­tes la­ter to fi­nish his speech. Trump was in the midd­le of his stump speech when the com­mo­ti­on oc­cur­red. He was loo­king in­to the crowd, his hand over his ey­es to block the gla­re from the sta­ge lights, when Se­cret Ser­vi­ce agents grab­bed him and es­cor­ted him off the sta­ge. Trump duck­ed his head as he left the sta­ge. The crowd sur­ged bac­k­ward, so­me sup­por­ters with frigh­te­n­ed looks on their fa­ces, as the Se­cret Ser­vi­ce and po­li­ce tac­ti­cal units rus­hed in to de­tain a man.

Se­ve­r­al at­ten­dees told CNN they ini­ti­al­ly heard a per­son yell the­re was so­me­o­ne with a gun.”We we­re all very in­te­rested in what Mr. Trump had to say and a guy in a red shirt just rus­hed right next to me, screa­ming, ‘The­re is a guy with a gun,’” Shi­mon Co­hen told CNN. But as­ked if he saw a gun, he said, “No, I did not.”

Trump held a last ral­ly Sa­tur­day night in Den­ver, whe­re he did not ad­dress the in­ci­dent. Less than an hour af­ter the in­ci­dent -- and be­fo­re it was clear what hap­pe­ned -- Trump’s cam­paign sought to high­light the mo­ment to sug­gest he was toug­her than his De­mo­cra­tic ri­val, Hil­la­ry Clin­ton, who had to cut short a Flo­ri­da ral­ly due to hea­vy rain.

Dan Sca­vi­no Jr., Trump’s so­ci­al me­dia di­rec­tor, and Do­nald Trump Jr., the no­mi­nee’s ol­dest son, ret­wee­ted Jack Po­so­biec, a sup­por­ter who wro­te: “Hil­la­ry (Clin­ton) ran away from rain to­day. Trump is back on sta­ge mi­nu­tes af­ter as­sas­si­na­ti­on at­tempt.” But the Se­cret Ser­vi­ce sta­te­ment ma­de clear no we­apon had been found. Nei­ther has de­le­ted the ret­weet.


Re­pu­bli­can US pre­si­den­ti­al no­mi­nee, Do­nald Trump, was rus­hed off a sta­ge Sa­tur­day by Se­cret Ser­vi­ce agents.


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