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USA - She re­ve­a­led ear­lier this year that she had been left mor­ti­fied about her ap­pe­a­ran­ce du­ring se­ries 12 of Ge­or­die Sho­re. But Chloe Fer­ry has ad­mit­ted she is now mo­re bo­dy con­fi­dent than ever af­ter los­ing a hu­ge two stone - and is even ab­le to ig­no­re the ha­ters on so­ci­al me­dia that have brought her down in the past.

The re­a­li­ty star, 21, hit back at her bo­dy-sha­mers on Mon­day by tel­ling MailOn­li­ne: ‘I think an­y­o­ne that has got ti­me to say ne­ga­ti­ve stuff on In­st­agram needs to get a li­fe.’ Ap­pe­a­ring at the MTV EMA Awards on Sun­day night, the Ge­or­die lass was con­fi­dent en­ough to ba­re al­most all in a sheer dress, which showed off her der­rie­re and long, lean legs for all to see. Ho­we­ver, the star ad­mits that this con­fi­dent at­ti­tu­de to­wards herself has not always been the ca­se. Chloe be­ca­me vic­tim of cru­el trolls on In­st­agram ear­lier this year when she pi­led on the pounds du­ring Ge­or­die Sho­re fil­ming. Ho­we­ver sin­ce los­ing 10 in­ches off her waist and 6 in­ches off her thighs, the star ad­mits that the mean mes­sa­ges do not fa­ze her any mo­re due to her new-found con­fi­den­ce brought on by the slim down. She said: ‘I do get a buzz when pe­o­p­le say ni­ce things [on so­ci­al me­dia]. I try to block the worst out so it doe­sn’t get me down.’ Re­ve­a­ling she is now showe­red with prai­se from ado­ring fol­lo­wers, she gus­hed: ‘The best was when so­me­o­ne said I was stun­ning and how much I chan­ged and how good I loo­ked - it was re­al­ly kind’. Chloe and her co-stars have ex­plai­ned in the past that Ge­or­die Sho­re and die­ting do not go hand in hand - due to the co­pi­ous amounts of al­co­hol and hang­over ta­kea­ways in­vol­ved du­ring fil­ming. Ho­we­ver with the help of a ba­lan­ced diet, exer­ci­se and Uneq sup­ple­ments, which she is an am­bas­sa­dor of, Chloe has ma­na­ged to drop two stone from her fra­me.

Po­sing con­fi­dent­ly in re­cent bi­ki­ni shots and showing off her slen­der sto­mach, she gus­hed: ‘I am at a pla­ce now whe­re I am fi­nal­ly hap­py with how I look and gen­ui­ne­ly bo­dy con­fi­dent.’ (dai­ly­mail. co.uk/tv­show­biz)

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