For­mer ai­de tes­ti­fies that South Ko­rean pre­si­dent in­structs do­cu­ment lea­k­a­ge to con­fi­dan­te

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SE­OUL - A for­mer clo­se ai­de to South Ko­rean Pre­si­dent Park Geun-hye has tes­ti­fied to pro­se­cu­tors that he leak­ed con­fi­den­ti­al do­cu­ments to Park’s long-ti­me con­fi­dan­te Choi Soon-sil un­der the pre­si­dent’s in­struc­ti­ons, lo­cal me­dia out­lets re­por­ted yes­ter­day. Je­ong Ho-se­ong, for­mer pre­si­den­ti­al se­cre­ta­ry in char­ge of hand­ling all of do­cu­ments re­por­ted to Pre­si­dent Park, said in a ques­ti­o­ning by pro­se­cu­tors that he had de­li­ve­r­ed pre­si­den­ti­al do­cu­ments to Choi un­der the pre­si­dent’s di­rec­ti­on, ac­cor­ding to Chos­un Il­bo news­pa­per. Je­ong, who as­sisted Park for about two de­ca­des, is cal­l­ed one of “three knobs of a door” that di­rect­ly leads in­to the pre­si­dent. He is al­le­ged to have brought clas­si­fied re­ports to Choi on a dai­ly ba­sis. The leak­ed do­cu­ments in­clu­de Park’s spee­ches, se­cret con­tacts with the De­mo­cra­tic Pe­o­p­le’s Re­pu­blic of Ko­rea (DPRK) un­der for­mer Pre­si­dent Lee Myung-bak, sche­du­les for the pre­si­dent’s over­seas trip and re­ports for ca­bi­net mee­tings, ac­cor­ding to Yon­hap news agency. The for­mer ai­de, ho­we­ver, de­nied al­le­ga­ti­ons that Choi had edi­ted the pre­si­den­ti­al do­cu­ments to medd­le in govern­ment af­fairs, saying it was part of Park’s ef­forts to lis­ten to va­rious opi­ni­ons, Chos­un Il­bo re­por­ted. A ta­blet PC, which lo­cal ca­ble chan­nel JTBC ob­tai­ned, in­di­ca­ted an edi­ting of pre­si­den­ti­al spee­ches as mul­ti­ple phra­ses we­re mar­ked in red, ac­cor­ding to TV foot­a­ge. The spee­ches in­clu­ded a land­mark one ma­de in Dres­den, Ger­ma­ny, in 2014 to set out a vi­si­on for reu­ni­fi­ca­ti­on of the two Ko­re­as. Choi has de­nied it was her be­lon­ging. Je­ong ini­ti­al­ly de­nied al­le­ga­ti­ons that he had leak­ed the clas­si­fied do­cu­ments, but he re­ver­sed the tes­ti­mo­ny as his mo­bi­le pho­nes, sei­zed by pro­se­cu­tors du­ring the Oct. 29 raid, con­tai­ned his re­cor­ded dia­lo­gues with the pre­si­dent and Choi. Ahn Jong-be­om, for­mer se­ni­or pre­si­den­ti­al se­cre­ta­ry on po­li­cy coo­r­di­na­ti­on, has al­so tes­ti­fied to pro­se­cu­tors that he re­cei­ved in­struc­ti­ons from Pre­si­dent Park and ga­ve her re­ports on the do­na­ti­ons from con­glo­me­ra­tes to es­ta­blish two non-pro­fit foun­da­ti­ons pre­su­ma­bly con­trol­led by Choi.

Ahn has re­por­ted­ly hel­ped Choi pres­su­re 53 con­glo­me­ra­tes in­to do­na­ting 77.4 bil­li­on won (68 mil­li­on U.S. dol­lars) to the Mir and K-Sports foun­da­ti­ons. Sams­ung re­por­ted­ly ma­de the lar­gest con­tri­bu­ti­ons of 20.4 bil­li­on won to the cul­tu­ral and sports funds. Pro­se­cu­tors rai­ded the of­fi­ces of Sams­ung Elec­tro­nics for al­le­ga­ti­ons that the com­pa­ny had il­li­cit­ly pro­vi­ded fi­nan­ce as­sis­tan­ce to Choi’s daugh­ter who was a for­mer mem­ber of the na­ti­o­nal equestri­an team.


South Ko­rean Pre­si­dent Park Geun-hye ad­dres­ses the na­ti­on at the pre­si­den­ti­al Blue Hou­se in Se­oul, South Ko­rea.(Photo: Xin­hua)

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