For­mer Phi­lip­pi­nes pre­si­dent Fer­di­nand Mar­cos gran­ted ‘he­ro’s bu­ri­al’

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PHI­LIP­PI­NES - The hig­hest court in the Phi­lip­pi­nes has ru­led that for­mer pre­si­dent Fer­di­nand Mar­cos will be gran­ted a ”he­ro’s bu­ri­al”, en­ding a ne­ar­ly three-de­ca­de fight by tho­se who re­gard him as a hu­man rights abu­ser and klep­to­crat. The su­pre­me court said it had clea­red all legal obsta­cles and pe­ti­ti­ons fi­led against mo­ving his remains to the Li­b­in­gan ng mga Baya­ni, or Heroes’ Ce­me­tery, in Ma­ni­la. The ju­d­ges vo­t­ed ni­ne to fi­ve, re­jec­ting six pe­ti­ti­ons. Its ru­ling en­ded a dee­ply emo­ti­o­nal pu­blic ar­gu­ment bet­ween tens of thou­sands who suf­fe­red vi­o­len­ce and op­pres­si­on un­der his ten­ure and tho­se who re­mi­nis­ce about the ye­ars of iron-fisted ru­le. Mar­cos, who died in 1989, put the coun­try un­der mar­ti­al law for ye­ars, in ef­fect gi­ving him au­to­cra­tic po­wers for the ma­jo­ri­ty of his ti­me in of­fi­ce. He clo­sed me­dia out­lets, ban­ned pe­o­p­le from ga­thering and im­po­sed cur­fews. Cri­tics we­re roun­ded up, ar­re­sted and tor­tu­red. The cur­rent pre­si­dent, Ro­dri­go Du­ter­te, said ear­lier this year that he would mo­ve ahead as plan­ned with the de­lay­ed bu­ri­al, as Mar­cos was “a for­mer sol­dier and for­mer pre­si­dent of the Phi­lip­pi­nes”. But thou­sands of pro­tes­ters have sin­ce sta­ged ral­lies, ar­guing that ar­my gui­de­li­nes dis­qua­li­fy sol­diers guil­ty of mo­ral tur­pi­tu­de from being bu­ried the­re, alt­hough Mar­cos was ne­ver found lia­ble in a cri­mi­nal ca­se.


The for­mer Phi­lip­pi­ne first la­dy Imel­da Mar­cos kis­sing the glass ca­se be­a­ring her la­te hus­band Fer­di­nand Mar­cos. (Photo: Getty Images)

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