Ban­dits at­tack car im­por­ter of­fi­ce, es­ca­pe with $15M cash

Times of Suriname - - ENGELS -

Ban­dits, in a raid, Mon­day, at­tack­ed the head of­fi­ce of a car im­por­ter in Kings­ton, es­ca­ping with mil­li­ons of dol­lars in lo­cal and fo­reign cur­r­en­cy. Staf­fers of the Yo­ko­ha­ma Tra­ding we­re left trau­ma­ti­zed du­ring the 10 mi­nu­te or­deal in which the se­cu­ri­ty gu­ard was gun-but­ted. Yo­ko­ha­ma, a pro­mi­nent Su­ri­na­me-ba­sed car im­por­ter that set up ope­ra­ti­ons he­re se­ve­r­al months ago, had only re­cent­ly ope­ned a stoc­ky­ard on the Ru­pert Craig High­way, East Coast De­me­ra­ra, sign­l­ling in­ten­ti­ons to ex­pand ope­ra­ti­ons he­re. Ac­cor­ding to po­li­ce sour­ces as well as staf­fers, the Bar­rack Street he­ad­quar­ters had only ope­ned for bu­si­ness for a few mi­nu­tes when the ban­dits struck on Mon­day. A se­cu­ri­ty gu­ard had left his post to get a cup of cof­fee in the out­si­de of­fi­ce lo­ca­ted in the lob­by area when he felt a sharp pain at the back of his head. He had been using the wa­ter coo­ler. As he slip­ped to the floor, he saw a gun man ho­ve­ring over him th­re­a­tenin­gly. Ano­ther staf­fer, who acts as a cas­hier, was re­por­ted­ly at­ten­ding to her du­ties when she heard the com­mo­ti­on. Sus­pec­ting so­me­thing was amiss, she ran in­to the in­ner of­fi­ce to in­form other staf­fers. They ca­me back hur­ried­ly and saw a man with a gun poin­ted at the head of her col­lea­gue, a Custo­mer Ser­vi­ce re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ve. He de­mand­ed she open the door lea­ding to the cas­hier area. The two ban­dits, who we­re not mas­ked, ap­pe­a­red to know what they we­re do­ing. They lock­ed the en­ti­re of­fi­ce and it ap­pe­a­red as if a third per­son was out­si­de on the look­out. They de­mand­ed cash and led one of the staff mem­bers to a sa­fe. The cash, said to be al­most $15M in lo­cal and fo­reign cur­ren­cies, was dum­ped in a bag and the staf­fers we­re or­de­red to lie on the ground.

The ban­dits, said to be in their 20s, quick­ly exi­ted the Bar­rack Street buil­ding in­to a wai­ting car, said to be a Toyo­ta NZE se­dan. The es­ca­pe was re­por­ted­ly cap­tu­red on sur­veil­lan­ce ca­me­ras. Kai­e­teur News was told that the ban­dits may have ca­sed the of­fi­ce last week­end as two men we­re seen ac­ting sus­pi­cious­ly in the of­fi­ce. One had been seen peering in­to the cas­hier ca­ge and around the custo­mer ser­vi­ces area. He had wan­ted a quo­ta­ti­on on a ve­hi­cle but la­ter chan­ged his mind af­ter re­cei­ving a call. The po­li­ce we­re cal­l­ed in and we­re said to be in­ves­ti­ga­ting the mat­ter.


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