Stu­dent chops teen­a­ger with ma­che­te

Times of Suriname - - ENGELS -

A stu­dent who was re­turning ho­me from school on Mon­day at­tack­ed a 17-ye­a­rold boy with a ma­che­te. The sus­pect was wal­king with his gir­lfriend when se­ve­r­al teen­a­gers rus­hed to­wards him with a pie­ce of wood. The stu­dent ran away be­fo­re pul­ling out a ma­che­te from his school bag and chop­ping one of the teen­a­gers. The vic­tim suf­fe­red a head in­ju­ry and cuts along his left up­per arm and left palm. Re­ports in­di­ca­te that a lot of blood was see­ping from the wounds. The vic­tim who­se left eye al­so swel­led up was rus­hed to the hos­pi­tal. The vic­tim told the po­li­ce that he got cau­ght in an ar­gu­ment with a boy cal­l­ed Ge­or­ge and that the ar­gu­ment tur­ned in­to a brawl. The sus­pect then showed up and held the vic­tim so that Ge­or­ge could beat him up. A pas­ser-by in­ter­ve­ned and en­ded the fight. But that was not the end of it be­cau­se the vic­tim cal­l­ed 2 cousins and told them what had hap­pe­ned. They then de­ci­ded to am­bush and beat up the stu­dent af­ter school. Af­ter the sus­pect had chop­ped the vic­tim he fled the sce­ne. The vic­tim told the po­li­ce whe­re they could find Ge­or­ge. Ge­or­ge was ar­re­sted on Mon­day but the sus­pect is still at lar­ge. The sus­pect’s gir­lfriend told the po­li­ce that the vic­tim and his re­la­ti­ves at­tack­ed her af­ter the chop­ping in­ci­dent be­cau­se she could not tell them the whe­re­a­bouts of her boy­friend. She clai­med that she was slap­ped and pun­ched by a mob. The young la­dy al­so nee­ded me­di­cal tre­at­ment.

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