Au­stra­li­an wo­man and Bri­tish boy­friend fa­ce court over al­le­ged mur­der

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BALI - Au­stra­li­an wo­man Sa­ra Con­nor and her Bri­tish boy­friend are set to fa­ce an In­do­ne­si­an court for the first ti­me over the al­le­ged mur­der of a Bali po­li­ce of­fi­cer al­most three months ago. The la­wy­er for the 45-year-old mo­ther, Ro­bert Khu­a­na, said she was “stres­sed and wor­ried” when he met her at Ke­ro­bok­an pri­son be­fo­re yes­ter­day’s tri­al. “She is wor­ried be­cau­se she hears that ma­ny pe­o­p­le say our [In­do­ne­sia’s] legal sy­s­tem doe­sn’t gu­a­ran­tee that a per­son who is in­no­cent is re­lea­sed,” he told re­por­ters on Tues­day. Con­nor and her Bri­tish DJ boy­friend Da­vid Tay­lor are set to fa­ce Den­pa­sar dis­trict court on Wed­nes­day for the first day of their tri­al over the de­ath of Wayan Su­dar­sa, who­se bloodied bo­dy was dis­co­ver­ed on the po­pu­lar tou­rist beach in the ear­ly hours of 17 Au­gust. He had al­le­gedly suf­fe­red 42 wounds to his bo­dy. Con­nor de­nies ha­ving any­thing to do with the as­sault on Su­dar­sa but con­ce­des she hel­ped de­st­roy evi­den­ce af­ter the al­le­ged kil­ling. Tay­lor, me­an­w­hi­le, ad­mits as­saul­ting the po­li­ce of­fi­cer but not kil­ling him. Po­li­ce ha­ve ur­ged pro­se­cu­tors to press ahead with the char­ges of mur­der, manslaugh­ter and as­sault in com­pa­ny cau­sing de­ath. The pair ha­ve been lock­ed up in­si­de Ke­ro­bok­an pri­son sin­ce being mo­ved the­re last month. Tay­lor’s la­wy­er Ha­po­san Si­hom­bing said his client had told him that “he lo­ves Sa­ra even mo­re”. “In pri­son, he has lots of ti­me to spend with Sa­ra.” (The­gu­ar­di­­to: EPA)

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