Ro­manex Gu­y­a­na to as­sist small mi­ners in mer­cu­ry

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Small sca­le mi­ners are being af­for­ded the use of ma­chi­ne­ry from Ro­manex Gu­y­a­na to help in­crea­se their re­co­ve­ry ra­tes in the Ma­ru­di Moun­tain mi­ning area, Re­gi­on Ni­ne. Small mi­ners rai­sed the com­plaint that al­lu­vi­al mi­ning is not yiel­ding pro­duc­ti­on in the Ma­ru­di area when Mi­nis­ter of Na­tu­ral Re­sour­ces Rap­hael Trot­man and a team met with mi­ners in Le­them on Sa­tur­day. One Ma­ru­di mi­ner told the Mi­nis­ter that “the al­lu­vi­al mi­ning is not paying”. Ho­we­ver, Ro­manex Gu­y­a­na’s re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ve, Marshall Mintz, said the com­pa­ny has in­ve­sted in ma­chi­ne­ry that aims to im­pro­ve re­co­ve­ry ra­tes. “The com­pa­ny has or­de­red mer­cu­ry­free gold drill…It’s the on­ly way to re­co­ver gold from hard rock mi­ning whe­re you don’t use mer­cu­ry,” Mintz told the mi­ners. “We, small sca­le mi­ners ha­ving amal­gam sheet mats and what not, we would li­ke to know how we can in­te­gra­te in­to the sy­s­tem that he’s spea­king about,” Le­slie Ka­la­din, a small mi­ner from Ma­ru­di ques­ti­o­ned.

Mintz ex­plai­ned that the mi­ners can use the ma­chi­ne on­ce it is set up, for a mi­ni­mal fee. “Mi­ners will ha­ve ac­cess to it; we will run a work­shop that trains them. We will teach you how to use this ma­chi­ne­ry he­re; it doe­sn’t use mer­cu­ry,” Mintz told the mi­ners. Ro­manex Gu­y­a­na is set­ting up a box sam­pling pro­gram­me in kee­ping with the me­di­a­ti­on agree­ment which was bro­ke­red by the Mi­ni­stry of Na­tu­ral Re­sour­ces bet­ween the Ca­na­di­an com­pa­ny and small mi­ners ear­lier this year.


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