Ca­ther­i­ne Cor­tez Mas­to be­co­mes first La­ti­na elec­ted to US Se­na­te

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USA - Whi­le the re­sults of the pre­si­den­ti­al elec­ti­ons might not be what we ex­pec­ted, the­re is so­me­thing for us to still ce­le­bra­te. La­ti­na Ca­ther­i­ne Cor­tez Mas­to has ma­de his­to­ry with the US Se­na­te. Ac­cor­ding to FOX News La­ti­no, De­mo­crat Ca­ther­i­ne Cor­tez Mas­to, has ma­de his­to­ry be­co­ming the first La­ti­na elec­ted to the US Se­na­te. Cor­tez-Mas­to de­fea­ted Re­pu­bli­can Joe Heck in the ra­ce to re­pla­ce re­ti­ring Se­na­tor Har­ry Reid.

The si­te re­ports that the 52-year-old for­mer Ne­va­da at­tor­ney ge­ne­ral will ta­ke over the mant­le from the pug­na­cious and po­la­ri­zing 76-year-old Se­na­te Mi­no­ri­ty Le­a­der, her sty­lis­tic op­po­si­te who’s re­luct­ant­ly re­ti­ring fol­lo­wing an exer­ci­se ac­ci­dent that crus­hed part of his fa­ce and left him blind in one eye. With con­trol of the Se­na­te at sta­ke, con­tro­ver­sy ro­se with Reid’s al­lies and ene­mies, in­clu­ding the con­ser­va­ti­ve Koch bro­thers, pou­red a lot of mo­ney in­to the con­test, turning it in­to one of the most ex­pen­si­ve Se­na­te ra­ces in the coun­try.

Du­ring her cam­paign, Cor­tez Mas­to, who had not pre­vious­ly fa­ced a high­ly com­pe­ti­ti­ve ra­ce, ma­de it her bu­si­ness to dis­tan­ce herself from the con­tro­ver­si­al Reid.

“Sen. Reid’s not on the bal­lot, and to me this is a ra­ce I’m fo­cu­sed on about the is­sues that pe­o­p­le in my sta­te, whe­re I was born and rai­sed, ca­re about, be­cau­se I will be re­pre­sen­ting them in Washington, not Sen. Reid,” Cor­tez Mas­to said over the sum­mer.

Cor­tez Mas­to’s win, in which she took won just un­der 49 per­cent of the vo­te, was one of the few bright spots for the De­mo­cra­tic Par­ty on a dif­fi­cult night that saw them lo­se a num­ber of Se­na­te ra­ces they we­re ex­pec­ted to win. Alt­hough ma­ny of us are not hap­py with the pre­si­den­ti­al tur­nout, with Mas­to in the Se­na­te, this can be the be­gin­ning of ne­ces­sa­ry chan­ges that need to be ma­de.


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