Chi­na shifts ge­ars on buil­ding ties with in­ter­na­ti­o­nal bo­dies

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MO­SCOW - Chi­ne­se Pre­mier Li Ke­qiang on Tues­day con­clu­ded its week-long Eu­ra­si­an trip with a se­ries of pro­po­sals to pro­mo­te re­gi­o­nal coo­p­e­ra­ti­on bet­ween Chi­na and the Cen­tral and Eas­tern Eu­ro­pean (CEE) coun­tries as well as among mem­bers of the Shang­hai Coo­p­e­ra­ti­on Or­ga­ni­za­ti­on (SCO).

Li’s pro­po­sals mark Chi­na’s ef­forts to in­ject new im­pe­tus in­to re­gi­o­nal coo­p­e­ra­ti­on, showing the im­por­tan­ce Chi­na at­ta­ches to the role of re­gi­o­nal me­cha­nis­ms as well as its de­ter­mi­na­ti­on to en­han­ce coo­p­e­ra­ti­on and sa­fe­gu­ard re­gi­o­nal pea­ce and sta­bi­li­ty. Ob­ser­vers hold that Chi­na has de­vel­o­ped a pat­tern of re­gi­o­nal coo­p­e­ra­ti­on dif­fe­rent from tho­se by the West, which bet­ter meets the in­te­rests of the coun­tries con­cerned, ren­de­ring it a com­pa­ra­ti­ve ad­van­ta­ge in car­rying out mo­re mu­tu­al­ly be­ne­fi­ci­al and win-win re­gi­o­nal coo­p­e­ra­ti­on. The SCO re­pre­sents a new ty­pe of re­gi­o­nal coo­p­e­ra­ti­on ini­ti­a­ti­ves that ta­kes in­to full con­si­de­ra­ti­on the re­a­li­ties of re­le­vant coun­tries with an aim to re­a­li­ze mu­tu­al be­ne­fits on the ba­sis of equa­li­ty, said Sun Zhu­angz­hi, se­cre­ta­ry-ge­ne­ral of the SCO Re­search Cen­ter at the Chi­ne­se Aca­de­my of So­ci­al Scien­ces. Fifteen ye­ars af­ter its foun­ding, the Chi­nai­ni­ti­a­ted SCO has bor­ne rich fruits in tra­de, se­cu­ri­ty coo­p­e­ra­ti­on and pe­o­p­le-tope­o­p­le ex­chan­ges, said Sun, ad­ding that in the Cen­tral Asi­an re­gi­on, the SCO role has pro­ved ir­re­pla­ce­a­ble in main­tai­ning sta­bi­li­ty and sig­ni­fi­cant to dri­ving growth. Du­ring the 15th SCO Pri­me Mi­nis­ters’ Mee­ting held in the Ky­r­gyz ca­pi­tal Bis­h­kek, Li ma­de a six-pron­ged pro­po­sal to en­han­ce coo­p­e­ra­ti­on within SCO in a wi­de ran­ge of fields in­clu­ding se­cu­ri­ty, eco­no­mic de­vel­op­ment and pro­duc­ti­on ca­pa­ci­ty. On se­cu­ri­ty, the Chi­ne­se pre­mier ur­ged all mem­bers to ob­ser­ve a con­cept of com­mon, com­pre­hen­si­ve, coo­p­e­ra­ti­ve and sustai­na­ble se­cu­ri­ty, sug­ge­s­ting dee­pe­ning in­for­ma­ti­on ex­chan­ges and coo­p­e­ra­ti­on in law en­for­ce­ment so as to en­su­re the se­cu­ri­ty of pe­o­p­les, in­sti­tu­ti­ons, en­ter­pri­ses and per­son­nel of SCO mem­bers. As for the align­ment of their de­vel­op­ment stra­te­gies, Li cal­l­ed for mo­re ef­forts to pro­mo­te the coo­r­di­na­ti­on and do­ve­tai­ling of eco­no­mic po­li­cies, ci­ting the gro­wing syn­er­gy bet­ween China­pro­po­sed Belt and Road Ini­ti­a­ti­ve and the Eu­ra­si­an Eco­no­mic Union (EEU) as an example. As to en­han­cing pro­duc­ti­on ca­pa­ci­ty coo­p­e­ra­ti­on, Li said Chi­na is rea­dy to join ef­forts to ma­ke this a pil­lar of re­gi­o­nal tra­de coo­p­e­ra­ti­on. Ma­jor coo­p­e­ra­ti­on pro­jects, in­clu­ding a po­wer plant in Uz­be­kis­tan, an oil re­fi­ne­ry in Ky­r­gyzs­tan, a ce­ment plant in Ta­ji­kis­tan and a Chi­naUz­be­kis­tan in­du­stri­al park, are car­rying on smoot­h­ly, Li ad­ded. Li ad­ded that Chi­na is rea­dy to smooth e-com­mer­ce cus­t­oms clea­ran­ce, streng­then lo­gis­tics sup­port, and streng­then coo­p­e­ra­ti­on in en­vi­ron­men­tal tech­no­lo­gy and buil­ding green eco­no­mies. Re­gar­ding re­gi­o­nal fi­nan­cing, the Chi­ne­se pre­mier ur­ged all mem­ber sta­tes to ta­ke full use of re­gi­o­nal plat­forms li­ke the SCO In­ter­bank Con­sor­ti­um, the Asi­an In­fra­struc­tu­re In­vest­ment Bank, the Silk Road Fund and the BRICS New De­vel­op­ment Bank, among others. For pe­o­p­le-tope­o­p­le ex­chan­ges, Li pled­ged mo­re scho­lar­ships for SCO mem­bers to stu­dy in Chi­na. For their parts, lea­ders of SCO mem­ber sta­tes vo­wed to main­tain re­gi­o­nal se­cu­ri­ty and sta­bi­li­ty and pro­pel re­gi­o­nal eco­no­mic coo­p­e­ra­ti­on.


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