Fourteen wo­men kil­led in 11 months

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Fourteen wo­men ha­ve lost their li­ves in do­mestic dis­pu­te bet­ween Ja­nu­a­ry and Oc­to­ber 2016. Ac­cor­ding to da­ta, com­pi­led by the Mi­ni­stry of So­ci­al Pro­tec­ti­on Do­cu­men­ta­ti­on Cen­tre, that fi­gu­re re­pre­sents three fe­wer wo­men who we­re kil­led by their hus­bands, boy­friends or ex-part­ners, for the sa­me pe­ri­od last year. The vic­tims we­re bet­ween 28 and 75 ye­ars old.

Re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ves of the do­cu­men­ta­ti­on cen­tre no­t­ed the slight de­cli­ne in the num­ber of wo­men kil­led in do­mestic vi­o­len­ce sce­na­ri­os will ea­si­ly go un­no­ti­ced sin­ce it has be­co­me a norm. They poin­ted to the 2015 La­tin Ame­ri­can Pu­blic Opi­ni­on Pro­ject (LAPOP) sur­vey which showed that do­mestic vi­o­len­ce is re­la­ti­ve­ly ac­cep­ted in Gu­y­a­na. Ac­cor­ding to sur­veys car­ried out bet­ween 2006 and 2014, res­pon­dents we­re as­ked whe­ther they would or would not ap­pro­ve of a man hit­ting his wi­fe if she had been un­faith­ful. They we­re al­so as­ked whe­ther they would not ap­pro­ve but un­der­stand the abu­se. LAPOP re­cor­ded 10.2% of res­pon­dents ap­pro­ved whi­le 25.4% of res­pon­dents did not ap­pro­ve of the abu­se but un­der­stood. Fur­ther, 64.4% of res­pon­dents nei­ther ap­pro­ved nor un­der­stood the abu­se. “This has been the cul­tu­ral norm and the na­ti­on needs to mo­ve away from this. Try to era­di­ca­te do­mestic vi­o­len­ce kil­ling and gen­der­ba­sed vi­o­len­ce.” The in­for­ma­ti­on com­pi­led by the do­cu­men­ta­ti­on cen­tre out­lined that the first do­mestic mur­der for the year was com­mit­ted against Ha­fee­za Ro­ho­man, 28 of He­le­na Ma­hia­cho­ny on Ja­nu­a­ry 7, 2016. The next act was com­mit­ted against Le­o­lyn Sul­li­van, of Wis­mar Lin­den. She was stab­bed 31 ti­mes in a neigh­bour’s yard af­ter she had jum­ped through a win­dow in an ef­fort to es­ca­pe.

She died whi­le re­cei­ving tre­at­ment at the Lin­den Hos­pi­tal. Her re­pu­ted hus­band, La­wren­ce Car­ter, was ta­ken in­to cus­to­dy short­ly af­ter. On Ja­nu­a­ry 21, the bat­te­red bo­dy of 41-year-old Bi­bi Za­bi­da Khan was found in a trench at Zee­lugt, East Bank Es­se­qui­bo, one day af­ter she went mis­sing from her Sea­view, Ste­wart­vil­le ho­me. A post­mor­tem re­ve­a­led that the wo­man had been be­a­ten and strang­led. Her re­pu­ted hus­band, Ran­dolph Wil­li­ams, who dis­ap­pe­a­red af­ter the wo­man went mis­sing, com­mit­ted sui­ci­de a few months la­ter.


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