Traf­fic­king in Per­son ca­ses sky­roc­ket

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The num­ber of Traf­fic­king in Per­sons (TIP) ca­ses is on the in­crea­se. This sta­te of af­fairs was yes­ter­day am­pli­fied by Mi­nis­ter of So­ci­al Pro­tec­ti­on, Vol­da La­wren­ce. Ms La­wren­ce, who was at the ti­me spea­king at the launch of the Sta­te of the World Po­pu­la­ti­on Re­port 2016 at the Kings­ton, Ge­or­ge­to­wn, Uma­na Ya­na, spo­ke of an alar­ming in­crea­se in al­le­ged ca­ses seen by her Mi­ni­stry’s Coun­ter TIP Unit. Ba­sed on the ca­ses seen by the Unit, TIP ca­ses sky­roc­keted this year when com­pa­red to four ye­ars ago. Bet­ween the months of Ja­nu­a­ry and Oc­to­ber 2016, the­re we­re 103 al­le­ged vic­tims of TIP. Sin­ce fe­ma­les usu­al­ly ac­count for the ma­jo­ri­ty of ca­ses re­por­ted it was not un­ex­pec­ted that the num­ber of TIP ca­ses this year no­ti­ce­a­bly in­crea­sed. This trans­la­ted to 97 fe­ma­les and six ma­les TIP vic­tims. Ac­cor­ding to La­wren­ce, whi­le the da­ta cur­rent­ly in the pos­ses­si­on of the Coun­ter TIP Unit sug­gests that the num­ber of al­le­ged vic­tims bet­ween the ye­ars 2012 and 2015 was fair­ly con­stant, for this year the num­ber of ca­ses is al­rea­dy un­pre­ce­den­ted. Whi­le in 2012 the al­le­ged ca­ses of TIP amoun­ted to 54, in 2013 the­re we­re 56 and 59 in 2014. The ca­ses con­ti­nued to mount and re­a­ched 65 by 2015.

But the Mi­nis­ter ob­ser­ved yes­ter­day, “So­me­thing is hap­pe­ning be­cau­se for the pe­ri­od Ja­nu­a­ry to Oc­to­ber 2016 the­re has been a sig­ni­fi­cant in­crea­se al­most dou­bling what ob­tai­ned in 2012.” Ho­we­ver, even amid her vo­ca­li­sed con­cern, Mi­nis­ter La­wren­ce cau­ti­o­ned, “This da­ta re­fers to the num­ber of sus­pec­ted ca­ses re­fer­red to the Mi­ni­stry of So­ci­al Pro­tec­ti­on’s Coun­ter TIP Unit and not ac­tu­al con­fir­med ca­ses within Gu­y­a­na.” But though on­ly sus­pec­ted, the Mi­nis­ter as­ser­ted that the da­ta sug­gest that over the fi­ve-year pe­ri­od (2012-2016) the fe­ma­le vic­tims of TIP far out­strip­ped the ma­le vic­tims. She no­t­ed that the ma­jo­ri­ty of al­le­ged vic­tims we­re un­der the age of 18 ex­cept in the ye­ars 2014 and 2015.


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