Brazil po­li­ce car­ry out two de­ten­ti­on or­ders in cor­rup­ti­on pro­be

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BRAZIL - Bra­zi­li­an fe­de­ral po­li­ce said they had ser­ved two de­ten­ti­on or­ders and exe­cu­ted 16 se­arch and sei­zu­re or­ders on Thurs­day as part of a new pha­se of a cor­rup­ti­on pro­be in­to the sta­te oil com­pa­ny Pe­tro­bras.

The new pha­se con­cerns de­a­lings bet­ween buil­ding firms and exe­cu­ti­ves at the oil gi­ant known for­mal­ly as Pe­tróleo Bra­si­lei­ro SA, ac­cor­ding to a po­li­ce sta­te­ment. Pro­se­cu­tors said the tar­gets we­re bu­si­ness­man Adir As­sad and la­wy­er Ro­dri­go Ta­cla Du­ran, who we­re ac­cu­sed of hel­ping to laun­der mo­ney for the ho­me­buil­ders in­vol­ved in the sche­me. Nei­ther man is a cur­rent or for­mer Pe­tro­bras em­ploy­ee. As­sad has been un­der ar­rest sin­ce March. A la­wy­er for As­sad was not im­me­di­a­te­ly avai­la­ble for com­ment. Ef­forts to con­tact Du­ran’s la­wy­er we­re un­suc­ces­sful. The pro­se­cu­tors they sus­pec­ted Du­ran of laun­de­ring “tens of mil­li­ons” of re­ais for the firms UTC En­gen­ha­ria and Men­des Jú­ni­or Tra­ding En­gen­ha­ria, which we­re then fun­ne­led in­to bri­bes. “In­ves­ti­ga­ti­ons un­co­ver­ed evi­den­ce that the ope­ra­tors used so­phis­ti­ca­ted mo­ney­laun­de­ring me­cha­nis­ms, in­clu­ding bank ac­counts in the na­me of off­sho­re com­pa­nies abroad, front com­pa­nies and fa­ke con­tracts,” pro­se­cu­tors said. Po­li­ce and pro­se­cu­tors we­re due to of­fer mo­re de­tails in a press con­fe­ren­ce.


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