Trump ma­kes first Whi­te Hou­se vi­sit

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USA - Pre­si­dent-elect Do­nald Trump swoop­ed in­to Washington, D.C., on Thurs­day for his first-ever vi­sit to the Whi­te Hou­se sin­ce his his­to­ric elec­ti­on, huddling with Pre­si­dent Barack Oba­ma in the Oval Of­fi­ce for mo­re than an hour and a half. The brash en­tre­pre­neur then he­a­ded off for mee­tings with lea­ders of the Re­pu­bli­can ma­jo­ri­ties in Con­gress. Oba­ma and Trump struck a con­ci­li­a­to­ry po­se in brief re­marks af­ter the mee­ting, their first fa­ce-to-fa­ce con­ver­sa­ti­on af­ter ye­ars of do­ing long-dis­tan­ce po­li­ti­cal batt­le. They pre­sen­ted a uni­ted, bi­par­ti­san front by re­fu­sing to ans­wer que­s­ti­ons from re­por­ters. Oba­ma said he and Trump had an “ex­cel­lent” and “wi­de-ran­ging” con­ver­sa­ti­on about do­mestic po­li­cy and world af­fairs, and he ur­ged Ame­ri­cans to ral­ly be­hind their soon-to-be lea­der at a ti­me when an­gry pro­tes­ters ha­ve ta­ken to the streets in se­ve­r­al ci­ties to re­ject Trump’s elec­ti­on. “I be­lie­ve that it is im­por­tant for all of us — re­gard­less of par­ty, and re­gard­less of po­li­ti­cal pre­fe­ren­ces — to now co­me to­gether, work to­gether and deal with the ma­ny chal­len­ges that we fa­ce,” Oba­ma said. “I want to emp­ha­si­ze to you, Mr. Pre­si­dent-elect, that we now are go­ing to want to do eve­ry­thing we can to help you suc­ceed. Be­cau­se if you suc­ceed, then the coun­try suc­ceeds.” Trump, sit­ting in the of­fi­ce he will soon re­de­co­ra­te, de­scri­bed the dis­cus­si­on as an op­por­tu­ni­ty for the two men to get to know each other and pro­fes­sed to ha­ve “gre­at res­pect” for the sit­ting pre­si­dent. For ye­ars, Trump had spe­ar­he­a­ded the “bir­ther” mo­ve­ment see­king to dis­cre­dit Oba­ma’s le­gi­ti­ma­cy as pre­si­dent. “We dis­cus­sed a lot of dif­fe­rent si­tu­a­ti­ons, so­me won­der­ful and so­me dif­fi­cul­ties. I very much look for­ward to de­a­ling with the pre­si­dent in the fu­tu­re, in­clu­ding coun­sel,” Trump said. “Mr. Pre­si­dent, it was a gre­at ho­nor mee­ting with you. And I look for­ward to mee­ting with you ma­ny, ma­ny mo­re ti­mes in the fu­tu­re.” (ya­hoonews)

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