‘De­struc­ti­ve’ ts­u­na­mi warning af­ter New Ze­a­land qua­ke

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NEW ZE­A­LAND - A po­werful 7.8 mag­ni­tu­de earth­qua­ke rock­ed New Ze­a­land ear­ly Mon­day, da­ma­ging buil­dings and trig­ge­ring a ts­u­na­mi which saw pe­o­p­le in coas­tal are­as fleeing to hig­her ground. The mi­ni­stry of Ci­vil De­fen­ce, res­pon­si­ble for emer­g­en­cy ma­na­ge­ment in New Ze­a­land, de­scri­bed the ts­u­na­mi as “an event of li­fe-th­re­a­tening or na­ti­o­nal sig­ni­fi­can­ce”. The shal­low tre­mor was cen­te­red so­me 90 ki­lo­me­ters north of the South Is­land ci­ty of Christ­church and was felt throug­hout the coun­try. Alt­hough no in­ju­ries we­re re­por­ted, the­re we­re re­ports of wi­despread da­ma­ge, with elec­tri­ci­ty and pho­ne ser­vi­ces cut in ma­ny are­as. Mon­day’s qua­ke, struck at 12:02 am (1102 GMT Sun­day) and was 23 ki­lo­me­ters deep, the US Ge­o­lo­gi­cal Sur­vey said af­ter re­vi­sing its ini­ti­al esti­ma­te which had ra­ted the tre­mor slightly wea­ker but much shal­lo­wer. It ig­ni­ted pain­ful me­mo­ries for re­si­dents in Christ­church which was de­vasta­ted fi­ve ye­ars ago by a 6.3 tre­mor which kil­led 185 pe­o­p­le in one of New Ze­a­land’s dead­liest disas­ters. “It was mas­si­ve and re­al­ly long,” Tam­sin Eden­sor, a mo­ther of two in Christ­church, told AFP, de­scri­bing the po­werful qua­ke as the big­gest sin­ce the dead­ly 2011 tre­mor. “We we­re as­leep and wo­ken to the hou­se sha­king, it kept go­ing and go­ing and felt li­ke it was go­ing to build up.” The main tre­mor was fol­lo­wed by a se­ries of strong af­ter­shocks and the­re we­re re­ports of da­ma­ged buil­dings in the small ru­ral to­wns­hip of Che­vi­ot near the epic cen­tre. In a brief mes­sa­ge the Pri­me Mi­nis­ter Jo­hn Key twee­ted: “I ho­pe eve­ry­o­ne is sa­fe af­ter the earth­qua­ke to­night.” The am­bu­lan­ce ser­vi­ce said it did not re­cei­ve any re­ports of qua­ke­re­la­ted in­ju­ries. (AFP)

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