21 we­apons sei­zed at Camp Street jail

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As part of heigh­te­n­ed se­cu­ri­ty ac­ti­vi­ties to en­su­re do­mestic se­cu­ri­ty, the Joint Ser­vi­ces yes­ter­day con­duc­ted Ope­ra­ti­on Sa­fe Gu­ard at the Ge­or­ge­to­wn and New Am­ster­dam prisons and sei­zed a lar­ge quan­ti­ty of con­tra­band items. Ac­cor­ding to govern­ment of­fi­ci­als, 22 cel­lu­lar pho­nes; 558 grams ma­rij­u­a­na; ni­ne pac­kets of ci­ga­ret­tes; eight cel­lu­lar pho­ne char­gers; a quan­ti­ty of zip lock bags; 45 ligh­ters; a quan­ti­ty of bam­boo wrap­pers; a quan­ti­ty of wi­ne; 21 we­apons; four cel­lu­lar pho­ne bat­te­ries; one ar­row; two pairs of scis­sors; $300 cash; TT$200; four grab­ber hooks; fi­ve gal­lons of ho­me-ma­de wi­ne; 20 ra­zor bla­des; fi­ve sim cards and one tat­too ma­chi­ne we­re con­fis­ca­ted at the Ge­or­ge­to­wn Pri­son. Ac­cor­ding to the Mi­ni­stry of the Pre­si­d­en­cy, a les­ser num­ber of items we­re found at the New Am­ster­dam pri­son. That ope­ra­ti­on was con­clu­ded at 11:30 am on Sa­tur­day. “Of gra­ve con­cern to the se­cu­ri­ty for­ces is that the Ge­or­ge­to­wn Pri­son was last searched on Sep­tem­ber 23, 2016, which means that the con­tra­band item haul ac­cu­mu­la­ted in just un­der two months. The govern­ment will con­ti­nue to work clo­se­ly with the Gu­y­a­na Pri­son Ser­vi­ce and the Joint Ser­vi­ces to ad­dress on-go­ing se­cu­ri­ty weak­nes­ses at the na­ti­on’s cor­rec­ti­o­nal fa­ci­li­ties,” the sta­te­ment said. The Gu­y­a­na Po­li­ce For­ce, along with the Joint Ser­vi­ces whe­re ne­ces­sa­ry, will con­ti­nue to sca­le up se­cu­ri­ty ac­ti­vi­ties in tar­ge­ted are­as to en­su­re the se­cu­ri­ty of re­si­dents and vi­si­tors across Gu­y­a­na as the coun­try en­ters the ho­li­day sea­son and in light of the up­tick in cri­mi­nal ac­ti­vi­ty. “The govern­ment of Gu­y­a­na con­ti­nues to ur­ge ci­ti­zens to coo­p­e­ra­te with the se­cu­ri­ty for­ces.” On Fri­day eve­ning, the govern­ment an­noun­ced that it will be pla­cing joint ser­vi­ces ranks in are­as con­si­de­red hot spots for cri­mi­nal ac­ti­vi­ties. This was af­ter weeks of a re­por­ted in­crea­se in ar­med rob­be­ries. The­re we­re rob­be­ries at gas sta­ti­ons, su­per­mar­kets and an au­to im­por­ter of­fi­ce as well as a num­ber of ho­me in­va­si­ons. Whi­le sta­tis­tics are showing a drop in se­rious cri­mes com­pa­red to last year, the in­di­ca­ti­ons are that the­re has been a spi­ke in ar­med rob­be­ries over the last two months. The govern­ment has hin­ted at the pos­si­bi­li­ties of a po­li­ti­cal di­rec­ti­on in the in­ci­dents and said it is mo­ni­to­ring the si­tu­a­ti­on. Ac­cor­ding to Pre­si­dent Da­vid Gran­ger last week, it was al­most as if the rob­be­ries we­re being car­ried out with the in­ten­ti­on to em­bar­rass the po­li­ce for­ce and the govern­ment.


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