“FBI let­ters we­re dou­ble wham­my”

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USA - Hil­la­ry Clin­ton told do­nors in a con­fe­ren­ce call Sa­tur­day that FBI Di­rec­tor Ja­mes Co­mey de­li­ve­r­ed a dou­ble wham­my to her can­di­da­cy in the fi­nal days of the cam­paign by ta­king ano­ther look at emails re­la­ted to Clin­ton’s pri­va­te ser­ver be­fo­re ab­rupt­ly saying he found no wrong­do­ing.

A mem­ber of her na­ti­o­nal fi­nan­ce com­mit­tee who was on the call told CNN that Clin­ton pla­ced at least so­me of the bla­me on Co­mey for her stun­ning de­feat to Do­nald Trump. She said the first let­ter from Co­mey, sent to Con­gress on Oc­to­ber 28, stop­ped the mo­men­tum she had built af­ter three de­ba­tes and the re­lea­se of Trump’s “Ac­cess Hol­ly­wood” ta­pe. She said the se­cond let­ter, which ca­me ni­ne days la­ter and exo­ne­ra­ted Clin­ton, sim­ply fired up Trump sup­por­ters and didn’t put any on-the-fen­ce vo­ters who had been le­a­ning her way at ea­se. She said the FBI de­vel­op­ment was too much to “over­co­me,” the do­nor on the call told CNN, but she ack­now­led­ged the­re we­re other he­ad­winds fa­cing her cam­paign that they didn’t ade­qua­te­ly com­bat. But se­ve­r­al De­mo­crats in­ter­vie­wed in the af­ter­math of the elec­ti­on say Clin­ton is hard­ly bla­me­less, poin­ting to her ori­gi­nal de­ci­si­on in 2009 to cre­a­te a pri­va­te email ser­ver out­si­de of govern­ment sys­tems du­ring her ti­me as se­cre­ta­ry of sta­te. “If the­re had been no pri­va­te ser­ver in the first pla­ce the­re would not ha­ve been an FBI in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on,” Jim Man­ley, a long­ti­me De­mo­cra­tic stra­te­gist, wro­te in a Twit­ter mes­sa­ge on Sa­tur­day.

On the call, Clin­ton ur­ged sup­por­ters to mo­ve for­ward and keep figh­ting for their be­liefs.


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