Bis­hop Zi­chem to be laid to rest at P&P Ca­the­dral

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The be­lo­ved Bis­hop Aloy­si­us Zi­chem will be laid to rest in a tomb af­ter Sun­day’s fu­ne­ral ser­vi­ce.

Fa­ther Este­ban Kross told Ti­mes of Su­ri­na­me that the bis­hop’s bo­dy will be pla­ced in a crypt lo­ca­ted un­der the Saint Pe­ter and Paul Ca­the­dral Ba­si­li­ca un­der­ne­ath the sa­cri­sty. Zi­chem will of­fi­ci­al­ly be­co­me the first Su­ri­na­me­se church lea­der who­se fi­nal res­ting pla­ce will be at the Ca­the­dral Ba­si­li­ca. Fa­ther Kross ex­plai­ned that crypt tombs we­re con­struc­ted du­ring the res­tora­ti­on of the Ba­si­li­ca for the so­le pur­po­se of let­ting it be­co­me the fi­nal res­ting pla­ce of bis­hops. It is com­mon prac­ti­ce world­wi­de that bis­hops are put in the crypt un­der­ne­ath the ca­the­dral. Fa­ther Este­ban poin­ted out that pri­or to the fu­ne­ral ser­vi­ce of the bis­hop in Paramaribo the­re will be va­rious ac­ti­vi­ties in the Ca­the­dral Ba­si­li­ca and the Chan­cel­lery. The Su­ri­na­me­se flag and the flag with the Pa­pal coat of arms ha­ve been fly­ing half-mast sin­ce Mon­day. A book of con­do­len­ce will be pla­ced at the Chan­cel­lery as of to­day. Mem­bers of the pu­blic can sign the book of con­do­len­ce from Thurs­day un­til Sa­tur­day bet­ween 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Fa­ther Kross poin­ted out that the bo­dy of Bis­hop Zi­chem will be ly­ing in sta­te at the Ca­the­dral Ba­si­li­ca from 3 p.m. un­til 7 p.m. on Sa­tur­day so that pe­o­p­le can say their fi­nal good­bye to Mon­sig­nor Zi­chem. Fa­ther Kross ma­de it clear that this is the on­ly pe­ri­od when pe­o­p­le can say fa­re­well to the bis­hop. Af­ter­wards the­re will be a spe­ci­al eve­ning pray­er in Bis­hop’s Zi­chem’s ho­nor. The fu­ne­ral ser­vi­ce which will ta­ke pla­ce in Paramaribo on Sun­day will be led by the cur­rent bis­hop of Paramaribo, Bis­hop Karel Choen­nie. The priests from the va­rious pa­ris­hes will at­tend the fu­ne­ral ser­vi­ce. Fa­ther Kross poin­ted out that he found Bis­hop Zi­chem to be a very lo­va­ble and friend­ly per­son. He ex­plai­ned that Zi­chem was the first Su­ri­na­me­se bis­hop who ma­na­ged to bring to­gether the va­rious groups in Su­ri­na­me re­gard­less of their creed of po­li­ti­cal back­ground. “He was lo­ved by ma­ny Su­ri­na­me­se ci­ti­zens be­cau­se of his cor­di­a­li­ty and in­te­gri­ty ,” said Fa­ther Kross. Bis­hop Karel Choen­nie poin­ted out that he has ma­ny good me­mo­ries of Zi­chem. One of tho­se beau­ti­ful me­mo­ries is the one of Zi­chem in­au­gu­ra­ting Choen­nie in­to priest­hood in 1985. “Mon­sig­nor Zi­chem had fixed ha­bits. He al­ways ate a bun and drank cof­fee at the the sa­me eve­ry mor­ning. Eve­ry­bo­dy was wel­co­me to join him and to dis­cuss any to­pic with him. Zi­chem ser­ved the Ro­man Ca­tho­lic com­mu­ni­ty with lo­ve and de­vo­ti­on as bis­hop of Paramaribo for 32 ye­ars.” Zi­chem pas­sed away on Sun­day at the age of 83 af­ter ha­ving been at the hos­pi­tal for 3 weeks.

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