Wo­man kid­naps ba­by

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A 2-month-old ba­by was kid­nap­ped at Ephraims­ze­gen around 11 a.m. on Mon­day. The ba­by’s mo­ther told Ti­mes of Su­ri­na­me that she was ho­me when a wo­man ap­pe­a­red at her hou­se and as­ked for so­me wa­ter. The mo­ther ga­ve the stran­ger so­me wa­ter be­fo­re go­ing to the sto­re for ten mi­nu­tes. Be­fo­re she left the hou­se, she as­ked one of her bro­ther-in-laws to look af­ter the ba­by. When she left the hou­se the wo­man was still out­si­de. When she re­tur­ned ho­me, she could not find her ba­by. The vi­si­tor had al­so va­nis­hed. A neigh­bor told her that she had seen a wo­man get­ting in­to a car with the ba­by. It is sus­pec­ted that the wo­man had hit­ched a ri­de. The per­pet­ra­tor al­so took a bag with ba­by stuff and mo­ney. The mo­ther told Ti­mes of Su­ri­na­me that she ta­kes a taxi to go look for her ba­by when she re­cei­ves mes­sa­ges of her ba­by being seen. She had go­ne to La­tour and to the Dr S Ka­fi­lud­dis­traat on Mon­day but did not find her ba­by. “I ha­ve to pay a taxi eve­ry ti­me I go loo­king for my ba­by. I don’t know what el­se to do. I ha­ve al­rea­dy no­ti­fied the po­li­ce of the kid­nap­ping,” said the mo­ther who ad­ded that the per­pet­ra­tor was not from her neigh­bor­hood. Sour­ces told Ti­mes of Su­ri­na­me that taxi dri­vers ha­ve go­ne to the po­li­ce to sha­re in­for­ma­ti­on about the kid­nap­ping. The first taxi dri­ver told the po­li­ce that he drop­ped the wo­man and the ba­by off along the Coe­se­wij­ne­straat. The se­cond taxi dri­ver told the po­li­ce that he pick­ed her up along the Coe­se­wij­ne­straat and that he drop­ped both pe­o­p­le off at the cor­ner of the Johan Adolf Pen­ge­land the Ka­fi­lud­dis­traat.

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