Ex-cop and two others ar­re­sted af­ter high speed cha­se

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Two cops on a mo­tor­cy­cle cha­sed down a “sus­pi­cious” car, on Mon­day, and la­ter ar­re­sted one of their for­mer col­lea­gues and two other men af­ter the ve­hi­cle they we­re tra­vel­ling in, en­ded up in a ditch at La­ma­ha and Re­pu­blic­cha­se-to­day Streets in New­to­wn.

Ac­cor­ding to Cal­vin Bru­tus, ‘A’ Di­vi­si­on Com­man­der (ac­ting), a 9mm Tau­rus pistol along with 10 li­ve rounds was found in the sil­ver-grey Toyo­ta Pre­mio which bo­re the fa­ke re­gi­stra­ti­on num­ber, HB 7412. The ori­gi­nal num­ber pla­te is HC 7294. Po­li­ce found a num­ber of other fa­ke num­ber pla­tes in the ve­hi­cle. Ac­cor­ding to a po­li­ce sta­te­ment in­for­ma­ti­on was re­cei­ved that so­me men in a car we­re plan­ning to rob a gas sta­ti­on and soon af­ter a hea­vi­ly tin­ted ve­hi­cle fit­ting the de­scrip­ti­on gi­ven was seen. “…and the dri­ver of the car on see­ing the po­li­ce ve­hi­cle re­por­ted­ly ac­ce­le­ra­ted and even­tu­al­ly led the po­li­ce on a high speed cha­se in Ge­or­ge­to­wn and which ca­me to a halt af­ter it en­ded up in­to a ditch at La­ma­ha and Re­pu­blic Streets.” The trio, two of whom are bro­thers, all hai­led from the East Coast of De­me­ra­ra, the po­li­ce sta­te­ment said. Ac­cor­ding to in­for­ma­ti­on re­cei­ved by Kai­e­teur News, the three men we­re hea­ding up Camp Street in the hea­vi­ly-tin­ted mo­tor car but when they spot­ted the cops, they star­ted re­ver­sing along a one-way street. The two cops, from Im­pact Ba­se, ob­ser­ved this and re­por­ted­ly spot­ted al­so that the ed­ge of the car’s num­ber pla­te was rai­sed a litt­le, with part of a di­git showing.

Sus­pec­ting that so­me­thing was fis­hy, they star­ted fol­lo­wing the car. It was told that the car ra­ced through se­ve­r­al streets in the ci­ty be­fo­re it en­ded up in the New­to­wn ditch, whe­re the mo­tor­cy­cle cops cau­ght up with the oc­cu­pants. Po­li­ce bac­kup was quick­ly on the sce­ne and the three men we­re ta­ken in­to cus­to­dy. Me­an­w­hi­le, re­si­dents of New­to­wn prai­sed the two mo­tor­cy­cle cops. Ac­cor­ding to re­ports, du­ring a search of the car, po­li­ce re­co­ver­ed a lo­a­ded hand­gun. They al­so ma­de a dis­tur­bing dis­co­ve­ry. Over the pla­tes, they found a stic­ker with dif­fe­rent re­gi­stra­ti­on num­bers. In re­cent weeks, po­li­ce ha­ve been un­der pres­su­re fol­lo­wing a spa­te of ar­med rob­be­ries and ho­me in­va­si­ons on bu­si­ness per­sons and ci­ti­zens.


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