Ci­ty Hall see­ks $600M bailout from Govern­ment

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Du­ring the May­or and Ci­ty Coun­cil (M&CC)’s sta­tu­to­ry mee­ting at Ci­ty Hall, a mo­ti­on was pas­sed which will al­low the Coun­cil to as­sem­ble a de­le­ga­ti­on to ap­pro­ach the Com­mu­ni­ties Mi­nis­ter, Ro­nald Bul­kan, ci­ty-hal­l­with ho­pes of ac­qui­ring a $600M bailout.

The mo­ti­on was put for­ward by Coun­ci­lor Ju­ni­or Gar­rett; it was se­con­ded and una­ni­mous­ly car­ried by the Coun­cil. The team will seek to en­ga­ge the Mi­nis­ter by to­mor­row. This de­vel­op­ment co­mes at a ti­me when me­dia re­ports ha­ve heigh­te­n­ed about the Coun­cil being cash-strap­ped. Al­so, the me­dia was re­lia­bly in­for­med that two com­pa­nies a few weeks ago ser­ved an ul­ti­ma­tum th­re­a­tening to end their ser­vi­ces, af­ter the Coun­cil could not sa­tis­fy the mul­ti­mil­li­on-dol­lar bill that was is­sued to them for so­lid was­te dis­po­sal ser­vi­ces. The Coun­cil was gi­ven up to last week Mon­day to sett­le all out­stan­ding debts. May­or Pa­tri­cia Cha­se-Gr­een was in fa­vor of the de­ci­si­on. She sta­ted that the in­ter­ven­ti­on will re­sult in Ci­ty Hall being ab­le to pay its wor­kers by November 25, thus eli­mi­na­ting pro­tests. The Coun­cil’s en­de­a­vor will al­so co­me at a ti­me when Gu­y­a­na is pre­pa­ring to wel­co­me Bri­tain’s Prin­ce Harry in just a few weeks, the May­or ad­ded. De­pu­ty May­or Sherod Duncan, du­ring his re­marks, opi­ned that be­fo­re such an obli­ga­ti­on is un­der­ta­ken, the Coun­cil should for­mu­la­te a plan to pre­vent Ci­ty Hall from slip­ping in­to debt yet again.

This sug­ge­s­ti­on got sup­port from the Chair­man of the Fi­nan­ce Com­mit­tee, Os­car Clar­ke, who echoed that the plan be well de­sig­ned to avoid the Coun­cil run­ning back to Cen­tral Govern­ment. Duncan al­so sug­ge­sted that the Gu­y­a­na Po­wer and Light (GPL) be re­qui­red to pay for uti­li­zing ci­ty re­ser­ves. He ad­ded that the M&CC is in­deb­ted to the Gu­y­a­na Wa­ter In­cor­po­ra­ted (GWI) and sug­ge­sted that the op­ti­on of ha­ving the uti­li­ty com­pa­ny pay to use re­ser­ves be ful­ly exa­mi­ned. This, he opi­ned, would al­le­vi­a­te so­me of the strain the Coun­cil is fa­cing. He fur­ther sug­ge­sted that dis­cus­si­ons be held with both ser­vi­ce pro­vi­ders to find so­lu­ti­ons. Duncan al­so stres­sed the need for a lar­ger bud­get for the Ci­ty.


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