Chi­na’s Shenz­hou-11 man­ned spa­ce mis­si­on a “com­ple­te suc­cess”

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BEIJING - Two as­tro­nauts who com­ple­ted Chi­na’s lon­gest-ever man­ned spa­ce mis­si­on re­tur­ned to Earth sa­fe­ly yes­ter­day, ac­cor­ding to the Beijing Aero­s­pa­ce Control Cen­ter (BACC). Zhang Youxia, com­man­der-in-chief of Chi­na’s man­ned spa­ce pro­gram, an­noun­ced that the Shenz­hou-11 mis­si­on, which la­sted over a month, was a “com­ple­te suc­cess.”

Zhang Ga­oli, vi­ce pre­mier and a mem­ber of the Stan­ding Com­mit­tee of the Po­li­ti­cal Bu­reau of the Com­mu­nist Par­ty of Chi­na (CPC) Cen­tral Com­mit­tee, de­li­ve­r­ed a con­gra­tu­la­to­ry no­te from the CPC Cen­tral Com­mit­tee, the Sta­te Coun­cil and the Cen­tral Mi­li­ta­ry Com­mis­si­on at the com­mand cen­ter of Chi­na’s man­ned spa­ce pro­gram in Beijing.

The reen­try mo­du­le of Shenz­hou-11 land­ed sa­fe­ly at the ex­pec­ted si­te in cen­tral In­ner Mon­go­lia Au­to­no­mous Re­gi­on in Beijing . The ground search team re­a­ched the lan­ding si­te im­me­di­a­te­ly, and as­tro­nauts Jing Hai­peng and Chen Dong ope­ned the cap­su­le’s hatch by them­sel­ves. The two as­tro­nauts we­re re­por­ted by the ground team to be in good con­di­ti­on. They and the reen­try mo­du­le will la­ter be trans­fer­red to Beijing.

Shenz­hou-11 was Chi­na’s sixth man­ned spa­ce­craft, and al­so the coun­try’s lon­gest mis­si­on to da­te. Af­ter its launch on Oct. 17, the spa­ce­craft dock­ed two days la­ter with Chi­na’s first spa­ce lab, Ti­ang­ong-2, whe­re the two as­tro­nauts li­ved for 30 days. The mis­si­on trans­por­ted per­son­nel and ma­te­ri­als bet­ween Earth and Ti­ang­ong-2, and tested mee­ting, doc­king and re­turn pro­ces­ses. It con­duc­ted aero­s­pa­ce me­di­cal ex­pe­ri­ments, spa­ce sci­en­ce ex­pe­ri­ments and in-or­bit main­tenan­ce. The two as­tro­nauts al­so con­duc­ted three ex­pe­ri­ments de­sig­ned by midd­le school stu­dents from the Hong Kong Spe­ci­al Ad­mi­ni­stra­ti­ve Re­gi­on, in­clu­ding rai­sing silk­worms in spa­ce.

It was the third spa­ce mis­si­on for 50-year-old ve­te­ran Jing Hai­peng, the com­man­der of the crew, who al­so par­ti­ci­pa­ted in the Shenz­hou-7 and Shenz­hou-9 mis­si­ons. It was the first spa­ce mis­si­on for Chen Dong, 38. The mis­si­on is a key step to­ward Chi­na’s aim of buil­ding a per­ma­nent man­ned spa­ce sta­ti­on. The co­re mo­du­le of Chi­na’s spa­ce sta­ti­on is ex­pec­ted to be laun­ched around 2018, and the spa­ce sta­ti­on will en­ter in­to full ser­vi­ce around 2022, with an ini­ti­al de­sig­ned li­fe of at least 10 ye­ars. It will ac­com­mo­da­te three to six as­tro­nauts, who will stay in spa­ce up to one year. Ti­ang­ong-2 will remain ope­ra­ti­ve in or­bit fol­lo­wing Shenz­hou-11’s re­turn to Earth and will wait to dock with Ti­anz­hou-1, Chi­na’s first car­go spa­ce­craft. Ti­anz­hou-1 will be laun­ched in April 2017 to ve­ri­fy re­fue­ling tech­no­lo­gy, a key tech­no­lo­gy for any spa­ce sta­ti­on.


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