“Voi­ces told me to ta­ke the ba­by”

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13-year-old Xa­viera C who is the pri­me sus­pect in the kid­nap­ping of a ba­by on Thurs­day told in­ves­ti­ga­tors that voi­ces had told her to ta­ke the ba­by. She con­fes­sed to ha­ving ta­ken the ba­by boy of a gir­lfriend at Ephraim­ze­gen on Mon­day but poin­ted out that she did not ha­ve any bad in­ten­ti­ons. She ma­de it clear that she lo­ves child­ren and in par­ti­cu­lar ba­bies. The teen­a­ger went to a gir­lfriend’s hou­se to help her fold so­me clo­t­hes. When her gir­lfriend when to the sto­re she took 2-month-old Ro­wen­cio Ako­be and his ba­by bott­le. She then took the bus to the Nood mar­ket. When the ba­by star­ted to cry, a man bought milk for her so she could feed the ba­by. Ano­ther man then bought dis­po­sa­ble dia­pers so that she could chan­ge his dir­ty dia­per.

Shefa­ni Amirkhan, the at­tor­ney of the teen sus­pect, poin­ted out that her client took good ca­re of the ba­by. The girl took the ba­by for a walk be­fo­re even­tu­al­ly ar­ri­ving at the ho­me of her aunt in the Pa­ra Dis­trict. When the girl had ar­ri­ved at her aunt’s hou­se, the aunt no­ti­fied the po­li­ce. The po­li­ce showed up at the aunt’s hou­se and ar­re­sted the sus­pect. The ba­by was then reu­ni­ted with his grand­mo­ther who took him to the Emer­g­en­cy Room. The sus­pect who li­ves with her pa­rents in Paramaribo has heard the voi­ces on pre­vious oc­ca­si­ons. She clai­med that she has cul­tu­ral pro­blems. She no lon­ger goes to school be­cau­se she was ex­pel­led af­ter ha­ving mis­be­ha­ved in clas­ses. She had been at ho­me ever sin­ce. This is the teen­a­ger’s first run-in with the law. Her ar­raign­ment is sche­du­led to ta­ke pla­ce this week.

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