Gre­at Bar­ri­er Reef ta­kes third fa­ta­li­ty in a week

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AUSTRALIA - A Bri­tish man has died whi­le di­ving on the Gre­at Bar­ri­er Reef, the third de­ath in three days among vi­si­tors to Australia’s po­pu­lar na­tu­ral tou­rist at­trac­ti­on.

The 60-year-old man was found wit­hout a bre­a­thing de­vi­ce du­ring a tan­dem scu­ba di­ve at Agin­court reef, 100km north of Cairns, yes­ter­day. Col McKen­zie, of the As­so­ci­a­ti­on of Ma­ri­ne Park Tou­rism Ope­ra­tors, said the man was on his se­cond cer­ti­fied di­ve of the day. He was spot­ted on the sea floor at a depth of 15m, with his re­gu­la­tor out of his mouth. A nur­se on board the tour ves­sel Sil­ver­so­nic tried in vain to re­vi­ve the man with a de­fi­bril­la­tor, a spo­kes­wo­man for Qu­eens­land am­bu­lan­ce ser­vi­ce said. The Bri­tish man, who has not yet been na­med, was ac­com­pa­nied by his wi­fe and had tra­vel­led to the reef with tour ope­ra­tor Quick­sil­ver, the Cairns Post re­por­ted. A doc­tor flew to the sce­ne but the man could not be re­sus­ci­ta­ted, the am­bu­lan­ce ser­vi­ce said. Two French tou­rists died on the reef from near si­mul­ta­neous he­art at­tacks on Wed­nes­day. Jac­ques Goron, 76, and Da­niel­le Fran­ck, 74, died within mi­nu­tes of each other whi­le snor­kel­ling on Wed­nes­day at Mi­chael­mas Cay, al­so near Cairns. Both had pre-exis­ting me­di­cal con­di­ti­ons and it is be­lie­ved both suf­fe­red he­art at­tacks. An Au­stra­li­an car­di­o­lo­gist has spe­cu­la­ted whe­ther they we­re stung by high­ly veno­mous Irukan­dji jelly­fish but a di­ve in­du­stry re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ve said the­re was no sign of jelly­fish at the sce­ne. McKen­zie said three de­a­ths in three days was an ex­cep­ti­o­nal turn of events on the reef but it was dif­fi­cult to draw any les­sons from what ap­pe­a­red to be tra­gic coin­ci­den­ce. “It is re­al­ly unu­su­al but I’m kind of at a loss,” he said.


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