Ap­ple ad­mits to iPho­ne ‘touch di­sea­se’

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USA - Ap­ple has fi­nal­ly ad­mit­ted to the exis­ten­ce of the mys­te­rious iPho­ne ail­ment that cau­sed un­res­pon­si­ve screens and ca­me to be cal­l­ed the “touch di­sea­se.” The Cu­per­ti­no firm’s dia­gno­sis? User er­ror. Or, mo­re spe­ci­fi­cally, user fum­bling. “Ap­ple has de­ter­mi­ned that so­me iPho­ne 6 Plus de­vi­ces may ex­hi­bit dis­play flic­ke­ring or Mul­tiTouch is­sues af­ter being drop­ped mul­ti­ple ti­mes on a hard surfa­ce and then in­cur­ring fur­ther stress on the de­vi­ce,” Ap­ple said in an on­li­ne no­ti­ce. So­me users and ob­ser­vers, howe­ver, saw the pro­blem as a de­fect. In Au­gust, a na­ti­on­wi­de class-ac­ti­on law­s­uit was fi­led in fe­de­ral court in San Jo­se, ac­cu­sing Ap­ple of fraud and vi­o­la­ti­on of Ca­li­for­nia con­su­mer-pro­tec­ti­on law. And the­re’s been a loud cho­rus of user dis­con­tent ever sin­ce, with iPho­ne 6 ow­ners ta­king to Twit­ter and Fa­ce­book and a slew of on­li­ne tech si­tes to tell the world their ta­les of Touch Di­sea­sein­du­ced woe. Mo­ther­board re­por­ted in Sep­tem­ber that the pro­blem was af­fec­ting “thou­sands and thou­sands” of iPho­ne 6 Plus pho­nes. “The com­pa­ny con­ti­nues to ig­no­re one of the worst hard­wa­re de­fects to ever pla­gue its smartpho­ne li­ne,” ac­cor­ding to Mo­ther­board. In Au­gust, the Mer­cu­ry News re­por­ted that iPho­ne 6 Plus users and re­pair tech­ni­cians be­lie­ved the pro­blem ap­pe­a­red to de­ri­ve from the fai­lu­re of chips or sol­der joints in­si­de the pho­ne. One pur­por­ted Bay Area iPho­ne 6 Plus ow­ner who posted on an Ap­ple fo­rum said he’d brought his trou­b­led pho­ne to an Ap­ple sto­re in San Jo­se and go­ne over it with a staf­fer. “He ack­now­led­ged the pro­blem. He was very fa­mi­liar with it, but said Ap­ple doe­sn’t re­cog­ni­ze it as an is­sue, and so the­re is not much he can do,” the pur­por­ted iPho­ne ow­ner said. “I can ei­ther re­pla­ce my pho­ne with iden­ti­cal one for $329 or I can get a $350 tra­de in on it if I want to up­gra­de. No of­fer of free re­pla­ce­ment, no con­so­la­ti­on, no­thing. I left.” Ap­ple said it would re­pair af­fec­ted pho­nes, pro­vi­ded they’re in wor­king or­der and ha­ve in­tact screens, for a $149 ser­vi­ce pri­ce.


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