Child­ren from Ek­kli­sia hap­py with new ho­me

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Stich­ting Ma­ma Joy­ce has put up a child­ren’s ho­me at Ta­man­red­jo in the Com­me­wij­ne Dis­trict. The pro­ject was car­ried out in as­so­ci­a­ti­on with the Ja Foun­da­ti­on from The Ne­ther­lands. The con­se­cra­ti­on of Ek­kli­sia Child­ren’s Ho­me whe­re se­ven spe­ci­al kids are staying took pla­ce re­cent­ly. Joy­ce Frij­de, di­rec­tor at the child­ren’s ho­me, poin­ted out that she and the child­ren are very hap­py with the fact that they can stay in a pleasant en­vi­ron­ment.

Frij­de poin­ted out that the child­ren’s ho­me was pre­vious­ly lo­ca­ted along the Ju­li­a­nastraat in Paramaribo. But the Mi­ni­stry of So­ci­al Af­fairs and Hou­sing (So­za­vo) dis­ap­pro­ved of the buil­ding whe­re 16 child­ren we­re li­ving in 2013. The di­rec­tor and bu­si­ness part­ners then went loo­king for do­na­ti­ons. The Ja Foun­da­ti­on which is lo­ca­ted in The Ne­ther­lands in­di­ca­ted that it wan­ted to lend a hel­ping hand af­ter its re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ves had vi­si­ted the old buil­ding. “We are hap­py that we we­re ta­ken from that si­tu­a­ti­on.” The new child­ren’s ho­me has been re­no­va­ted and re­con­struc­ted and cur­rent­ly con­sists of 4 be­drooms, a kit­chen, 2 big walk-in clo­sets, a ba­throom and a toi­let, a li­ving-room and a ter­ra­ce in the front and the back of the hou­se. The child­ren’s ho­me pro­ves shel­ter to orp­hans and child­ren who ha­ve been disow­ned by di­vor­ced pa­rents. Frij­de poin­ted out that the child­ren’s ho­me must ma­ke ends meet wit­hout govern­ment aid. It ma­na­ges to stay af­lo­at with mo­ney from the old age pen­si­on of the di­rec­tor, do­na­ti­ons and sup­port from the neigh­bors. The child­ren’s ho­me cur­rent­ly needs beds. The di­rec­tor ho­pes that the govern­ment will al­so do its part by gi­ving sub­si­dy or food par­cels.

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