Alep­po fa­mi­ly of 6 kil­led in ‘che­mi­cal at­tack’

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JAMAICA - “How did we get he­re as a na­ti­on? How did we get he­re whe­re pe­o­p­le are so cold?” we­re ques­ti­ons po­sed by Fa­ther Carl Clar­ke that re­so­na­ted most with mour­ners who fil­led the Ho­ly Trini­ty Ca­the­dral to ce­le­bra­te the li­fe of 14-year-old Ni­cho­las Chris­top­her Fran­cis Sa­tur­day. The ninth gra­de Jamaica Col­le­ge stu­dent was sa­va­ge­ly mur­de­red on Oc­to­ber 26 on a bus, when he re­fu­sed to re­lin­quish to a rob­ber what Clar­ke, his priest, de­scri­bed as a che­ap watch and ban­ga pho­ne. The po­li­ce last month re­por­ted that af­ter Ni­cho­las boar­ded the bus, a man tried to rob him of his watch and other va­lu­a­bles. The young JC stu­dent was stab­bed se­ve­r­al ti­mes when he re­sisted his at­tac­ker and was rus­hed to hos­pi­tal by the dri­ver of the bus.

Qu­a­cie Hart was la­ter char­ged with the mur­der af­ter he tur­ned himself in to the po­li­ce days af­ter the in­ci­dent. Hart was char­ged by the Cen­tre for In­ves­ti­ga­ti­on of Sexu­al Of­fen­ces and Child Abu­se ear­lier this month for bre­a­ches of the Sexu­al Of­fen­ces Act. It is al­le­ged that he was in­vol­ved in a re­la­ti­ons­hip with a mi­nor.

Clar­ke, in his ho­mi­ly, cal­l­ed for Ja­mai­cans to re-exa­mi­ne our callou­s­ness as a so­ci­e­ty Sa­tur­day. The bo­dy of Ni­cho­las Fran­cis, “the si­lent he­ro”, was laid to rest at a fa­mi­ly plot in St And­rew.

(Jamaica ob­ser­ver) SYRIA - A fa­mi­ly of six was kil­led in a sus­pec­ted chlo­ri­ne gas at­tack in war-ra­va­ged eas­tern Alep­po yes­te­re­day, as the de­ath toll in a six-day blitz ne­a­red 300, a mo­ni­tor and ac­ti­vists said.

The UK-ba­sed Sy­ri­an Ob­ser­va­to­ry for Hu­man Rights said pre­li­mi­na­ry re­ports in­di­ca­ted a mar­ried cou­ple and their four child­ren we­re kil­led in one of ma­ny air­stri­kes to hit the al-Sak­hour neigh­bor­hood in Alep­po’s be­sie­ged east. The group said chlo­ri­ne gas was used in the bom­bard­ment. The Alep­po Me­dia Cen­ter (AMC) ac­ti­vist group al­so re­por­ted that the fa­mi­ly was kil­led and posted a photo of the af­ter­math on Twit­ter. The AMC said a bar­rel bomb con­tai­ning chlo­ri­ne gas was drop­ped on the neigh­bor­hood from he­licop­ters. CNN has vie­wed a vi­deo pur­por­ting to show the af­ter­math of the at­tack but can­not in­de­pen­dent­ly ve­ri­fy the use of the toxic gas.

A UN in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on in la­te Au­gust found that che­mi­cal we­apons had been used in Syria, both by the na­ti­o­nal air for­ce and ISIS mi­li­tants. It found two in­stan­ces whe­re re­gime for­ces had used chlo­ri­ne as a che­mi­cal we­apon, and one whe­re ISIS had used mus­tard gas.


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