Edin­burgh man rob­bed, shot at du­ring ho­me in­va­si­on

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A 23-year-old truck dri­ver of Lot 1126 Edin­burgh Vil­la­ge, East Bank Ber­bi­ce, is coun­ting his bles­sings af­ter being shot at du­ring an ar­med rob­be­ry at his ho­me.

Ac­cor­ding to a po­li­ce sour­ce, Ja­son Hus­sain, who li­ves with his wi­fe, three-mon­t­hold ba­by, bro­ther-in-law and mo­ther-in-law, was alo­ne at ho­me when he heard a noi­se in one of the rooms in the hou­se.

Hus­sain told in­ves­ti­ga­tors that he was ha­ving din­ner at the ti­me and got up to check when he saw a man ar­med with a cut­lass and mas­ked, al­rea­dy half­way through the win­dow en­te­ring the hou­se. He sta­ted that he threw his pla­te with food in the per­pet­ra­tors fa­ce to dis­tract him and ran to­wards the front door. It was whi­le ope­ning the door that he was con­fron­ted by two other mas­ked men, dres­sed in black clo­t­hes and glo­ves, ar­med with a cut­lass and gun. The ban­dit hol­ding the gun al­le­gedly fired a shot in Hus­sain’s di­rec­ti­on but he dod­ged, the bul­let hit a re­fri­ge­ra­tor that was lo­ca­ted be­hind him and pas­sed through. Hus­sain told in­ves­ti­ga­tors that he fell to the ground whi­le both men en­te­red the hou­se and even­tu­al­ly tied him up be­fo­re he could rai­se an alarm to alert his neigh­bours. He ad­ded that whi­le he was tied up the men ransack­ed the ho­me in search of cash and je­wel­ry. The per­pet­ra­tors searched two of the three be­drooms sin­ce on­ly two we­re oc­cu­pied.

Hus­sain dis­clo­sed that the men es­ca­ped with an un­dis­clo­sed amount of cash, two gold wed­ding rings be­lon­ging to himself and wi­fe, a Plum cel­lu­lar pho­ne and so­me other gold je­wel­ry be­lon­ging to his mo­ther-in-law.

He sta­ted that his mo­ther­in-law and wi­fe we­re not at ho­me when the rob­be­ry oc­cur­red. The man al­so sta­ted that af­ter the ban­dits es­ca­ped he ma­na­ged to un­tie himself and aler­ted the neigh­bours and the au­tho­ri­ties who res­pon­ded swift­ly.

Hus­sain told po­li­ce that the per­pet­ra­tors would not ha­ve es­ca­ped with much mo­ney sin­ce they do not keep lar­ge sums of cash in their ho­me due to re­li­gious be­liefs.

The po­li­ce sour­ce sta­ted that the po­li­ce re­spon­se ti­me has re­du­ced tre­men­dous­ly as a re­sult of the up­co­ming Christ­mas sea­son with mo­re pa­trols ac­ti­ve on the road­ways. When Kai­e­teur News showed up at the hou­se, the mo­ther-in-law, An­ge­li­na Sat­taur, sta­ted that she was too trau­ma­ti­zed to speak to the me­dia. The rob­be­ry took pla­ce at ap­proxi­ma­te­ly 20:00 hrs Fri­day night. No one has sin­ce been ar­re­sted and in­ves­ti­ga­ti­ons con­ti­nue.

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