Boy stabs lover’s hus­band to de­ath

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A 16-year-old boy is now in cus­to­dy af­ter he al­le­gedly stab­bed the hus­band of his 26-year-old lover to de­ath du­ring a con­fron­ta­ti­on last week­end at Ec­cles, East Bank De­me­ra­ra.

In­ti­az Al­ly, 23, an ex­ca­va­tor ope­ra­tor, of Lot 121 BB Ec­cles, East Bank De­me­ra­ra, was al­le­gedly stab­bed in the neck with a ‘Ram­bo’ knife, when he at­tack­ed the teen, who was wal­king with Al­ly’s re­pu­ted wi­fe. He suc­cum­bed short­ly af­ter being ta­ken to the Ge­or­ge­to­wn Pu­blic Hos­pi­tal Cor­po­ra­ti­on (GPHC). Po­li­ce said that Al­ly’s re­pu­ted wi­fe and the teen, who was ri­ding a bi­cy­cle we­re hea­ding ho­me, when Al­ly struck down the sus­pect with mo­tor­car PSS 2435. The teen­a­ger tried to es­ca­pe but Al­ly be­gan to kick and punch him. The lad, who was car­rying his lover’s hand­bag at the ti­me, al­le­gedly whip­ped out a 10-inch ‘Ram­bo’ knife from the bag, and stab­bed Al­ly to the neck. He col­lap­sed and was rus­hed to the Ge­or­ge­to­wn Pu­blic Hos­pi­tal (GPH) by a friend, but was pro­noun­ced dead on ar­ri­val. The sus­pect is in po­li­ce cus­to­dy and the al­le­ged mur­der we­apon was re­trie­ved. Re­ports rea­ching the news­pa­per in­di­ca­te that Al­ly be­ca­me an­gry af­ter being told that his re­pu­ted wi­fe and the young boy we­re ha­ving a re­la­ti­ons­hip. It is re­por­ted that Al­ly upon see­ing the young man wal­king alongsi­de the wo­man ac­ce­le­ra­ted the car and struck down the lad. The wo­man has de­nied ha­ving a re­la­ti­ons­hip with the teen and clai­med that they we­re just friends. She said that the sus­pect would nor­mal­ly vi­sit the in­ter­net ca­fé whe­re she works. She sta­ted that the teen would wash her re­pu­ted hus­band’s car. “Af­ter we clo­se off I put mo­ney, com­pu­ter and eve­ry­thing in the bag. So the boy (sus­pect) col­lect the bag from me. He was ri­ding and I went wal­king.”

She re­cal­l­ed so­me­o­ne shou­ting “look In­ti­az co­ming”. “So I tell them pull in the cor­ner cau­se when that boy drink he has no self-con­trol. I tell the boy (sus­pect) don’t wor­ry with he, he go­ne calm down to he sen­se.” The wo­man re­coun­ted that Al­ly pun­ched the boy about four ti­mes, af­ter knoc­king him down with the car and she be­gan screa­ming for them to stop. “I coulda swear that boy punch he. I didn’t know is bo­re he bo­re he (Al­ly).” But the mo­ther of the teen­a­ger in­sisted that her son and the ol­der wo­man be­gan a re­la­ti­ons­hip over four months ago. She told Kai­e­teur news that the wo­man would co­me at her Has­san Street, Ec­cles ho­me in a car to vi­sit her son. She said that her son told her that he lo­ved the wo­man and would so­me­ti­mes sleep over at her ho­me. The wo­man re­la­ted that her son re­cent­ly told her that Al­ly had go­ne in the in­te­ri­or to work and that he would phy­si­cally abu­se his spou­se. The son al­so told her that Al­ly had be­a­ten his wi­fe and “ta­ken back the car.” The teen would al­le­gedly so­me­ti­mes sleep at the lover’s ho­me when her re­pu­ted hus­band was “in the bush.” The boy’s mo­ther ad­ded that she war­ned her son on nu­merous oc­ca­si­ons to end their re­la­ti­ons­hip. (Kai­e­teur­

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