“My­an­mar see­king eth­nic clean­sing”

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MY­AN­MAR - Thou­sands of Ro­hin­gya Mus­lims in My­an­mar ha­ve fled to neigh­bou­ring Bang­la­desh to es­ca­pe mi­li­ta­ry ope­ra­ti­ons that ha­ve left sco­res of pe­o­p­le dead and as ma­ny as 30,000 dis­pla­ced. A se­ni­or UN of­fi­ci­al ac­cu­sed My­an­mar on Thurs­day of see­king to eth­ni­cally clean­se the coun­try of its Mus­lim mi­no­ri­ty, as Bang­la­desh step­ped up bor­der pa­trols and sum­mo­ned the My­an­mar am­bas­sa­dor to com­plain about the exo­dus. “De­spi­te our bor­der gu­ards’ sin­ce­re ef­fort to pre­vent the in­flux, thou­sands of dis­tres­sed My­an­mar ci­ti­zens in­clu­ding wo­men, child­ren and el­der­ly pe­o­p­le con­ti­nue to cross the bor­der,” the Bang­la­des­hi fo­reign mi­ni­stry said.

The Ro­hin­gya are a mi­no­ri­ty of about a mil­li­on pe­o­p­le who, de­spi­te li­ving in the coun­try for ge­ne­ra­ti­ons, are tre­a­ted as il­legal im­mi­grants and de­nied ci­ti­zens­hip. On Tues­day, Bang­la­desh said it had sent 20 boats car­rying Ro­hin­gya back to My­an­mar. They said they we­re fleeing mi­li­ta­ry sweeps, which we­re laun­ched in res­pon­se to a coo­r­di­na­ted at­tack by ar­med men on 9 Oc­to­ber who kil­led ni­ne po­li­ce of­fi­cers. The ar­my has de­ploy­ed in­fan­try and he­licop­ters to fight what it says is an ar­med in­sur­g­en­cy, but Ro­hin­gya say sol­diers ha­ve ra­ped and kil­led ci­vi­lians.

Hu­man Rights Watch has re­lea­sed sa­tel­li­te images which it said show hund­reds of ra­zed ho­mes in Ro­hin­gya vil­la­ges.


De­mon­stra­tors hol­ding buc­kets pro­test amid the drought, in the cen­ter of La Paz. (Pho­to: Reu­ters)

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