Shop­lif­ting sus­pect tied to po­le

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A wo­man who had al­le­gedly been cau­ght shop­lif­ting was tied to a po­le ear­lier this week. The in­ci­dent re­por­ted­ly took pla­ce in front of a su­per­mar­ket lo­ca­ted along the Kwat­ta­weg. Foot­a­ge of the in­ci­dent was uplo­a­ded on the in­ter­net. The foot­a­ge re­por­ted­ly shows the ow­ner of the su­per­mar­ket and se­ve­r­al by­stan­ders as­king the wo­man if her ac­ti­ons are Bouta’s fault. It is not clear who had tied the wo­man to the po­le. The Pu­blic Re­la­ti­ons Of­fi­ce at the Po­li­ce For­ce Su­ri­na­me (KPS) in­di­ca­ted that it has al­so seen the foot­a­ge and that the sto­re­kee­per has been sum­mo­ned to the lo­cal po­li­ce sta­ti­on for ques­ti­o­ning. In­ves­ti­ga­tors will al­so con­front the sto­re­kee­per with the foot­a­ge from mo­bi­le pho­nes. The wo­man was ac­cu­sed of ha­ving sto­len in­fant for­mu­la. The sto­re­kee­per re­por­ted­ly cau­ght the wo­man red-hand­ed and took back the in­fant for­mu­la. When a po­li­ce unit ar­ri­ved at the sce­ne, the sto­re­kee­per re­fu­sed to press char­ges. The po­li­ce of­fi­cers al­so met the wo­man who was no lon­ger tied to a po­le. The wo­man who has ma­de a ha­bit out of shop­lif­ting did not tell the po­li­ce what had hap­pe­ned to her and she al­so did not press char­ges against any­bo­dy.

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