Fe­ma­le se­cu­ri­ty gu­ard shot by ar­med rob­bers

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A fe­ma­le se­cu­ri­ty gu­ard was shot whi­le fen­ding off two ar­med men du­ring an at­temp­ted rob­be­ry yes­ter­day at the Hand-in-Hand Trust Cor­po­ra­ti­on on Midd­le Street, Ge­or­ge­to­wn, on Wed­nes­day. Ac­cor­ding to re­ports, the shooting oc­cur­red around 14:00 hrs, when two men ap­pro­a­ched the buil­ding in a sus­pi­cious man­ner. One of them cal­led out to the other to “pass the thing”. An ob­ject which was wrap­ped in a pie­ce of cloth was gi­ven to the re­ques­ting sus­pect. Ac­cor­ding to po­li­ce re­ports, 39 year old Na­ta­s­ha Williams ap­pro­a­ched the sus­pi­cious-loo­king men in the com­pa­ny of a su­per­vi­sor who was al­so ar­med. Du­ring this ti­me shots we­re fired and Williams was shot in her lo­wer left leg. Af­ter she was shot, her su­per­vi­sor re­tur­ned fi­re but mis­sed the sus­pects. Ho­we­ver, the su­per­vi­sor was ab­le to grab on­to one of them and a scuf­fle fol­lo­wed. That sus­pect ap­pa­rent­ly had a snub-no­sed re­vol­ver with fi­ve mat­ching rounds which fell to the ground and was sei­zed by the su­per­vi­sor. The men then ma­de their es­ca­pe and en­te­red a mo­tor car which was wai­ting so­me dis­tan­ce away. The car was lo­ca­ted in the East La Pe­ni­ten­ce com­mu­ni­ty la­te last eve­ning and the dri­ver ta­ken in­to cus­to­dy. Ad­di­ti­o­nal­ly, one of the bul­lets had hit a mo­tor car par­ked in front of the buil­ding. Ac­cor­ding to po­li­ce re­ports, Williams is re­co­ve­ring at the Ge­or­ge­to­wn Pu­blic Hos­pi­tal Cor­po­ra­ti­on.

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