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The government’s web­si­te,, is back online. Gard­eli­to Hew A Kee who is a mem­ber of the E-government com­mit­tee at the Of­fi­ce of the Pre­si­dent, poin­ted out that the web­si­te ca­me online on Thurs­day af­ter­noon. The government web­si­te was one of four web­si­tes that we­re at­tack­ed by cy­ber cri­mi­nals on Wed­nes­day. The other web­si­tes that we­re al­so tar­ge­ted du­ring the cy­ber at­tack are: De Su­ri­naam­sche Bank (DSB), the Na­ti­o­nal De­mo­cra­tic Par­ty (NDP) and Te­les­ur. “The­se we­re cy­ber at­tacks. Claims that the web­si­tes we­re hack­ed are not true,” said Hew A Kee who is al­so the chair­man of the board at Te­les­ur. He ex­plai­ned that hac­king is when unau­tho­ri­zed pe­o­p­le gain ac­cess to your si­te or ta­ke con­trol of it and do things in your na­me. You then no lon­ger ha­ve ac­cess to your own si­te. Du­ring Wed­nes­day at­tacks 4 the web­si­tes and ser­ver net­works ma­ny mes­sa­ges from va­rious com­pu­ters we­re sent at the sa­me mo­ment. The ser­ver net­work gets over­crow­ded du­ring such an at­tack and is then ta­ken of­fli­ne as a pre­cau­ti­o­na­ry me­a­su­re. Hew A Kee poin­ted out that the­re are in­di­ca­ti­ons that the at­tack ori­gi­na­ted from Bul­ga­ria. Me­an­w­hi­le the DSB Bank has in­di­ca­ted that it has al­rea­dy ta­ken the ne­ces­sa­ry me­a­su­res. Re­na­te Cru­den, Pu­blic Re­la­ti­ons Of­fi­cer at the bank, poin­ted out that clients ha­ve no­thing to wor­ry about. The ICT ex­perts at the bank are cur­rent­ly bu­sy ad­dres­sing the pro­blem.

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