In­ter­pol is­sues wan­ted bul­le­tin for head of US-ba­sed cha­ri­ty

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The In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Cri­mi­nal Po­li­ce Or­ga­ni­za­ti­on (In­ter­pol) has is­sued a wan­ted bul­le­tin for US-ba­sed Gu­y­a­ne­se, Mar­cus Bri­an Bis­ram, who has been im­pli­ca­ted in the mur­der of a car­pen­ter, Faiy­az Na­ri­ne­datt.

In­ter­pol is the world’s lar­gest po­li­ce or­ga­ni­za­ti­on with over 190 mem­ber coun­tries. Their role is to ena­ble po­li­ce around the world to work to­gether to ma­ke the world a sa­fer pla­ce. Bis­ram re­tur­ned to the Uni­ted Sta­tes of Ame­ri­ca, short­ly af­ter the mur­der of the car­pen­ter on No­vem­ber 1, last. On Thurs­day last, Bis­ram, who is said to be the mas­ter­mind be­hind the mur­der of the car­pen­ter, was char­ged in his ab­sen­ce.

A wan­ted bul­le­tin was sub­se­quent­ly is­sued for him he­re in Gu­y­a­na. Short­ly af­ter, the In­ter­pol is­sued a wan­ted bul­le­tin for the sus­pect. Bis­ram is 27 ye­ars old and his ad­dress in Gu­y­a­na is li­sted as Lot 115 Sec­ti­on ‘A’ Num­ber 70 Vil­la­ge Co­ren­ty­ne, Ber­bi­ce; al­so the US ba­sed Bis­ram is the sixth per­son to be char­ged with mur­der.

Last week, Ra­desh Mo­tie; Di­a­dath Datt; Har­ri­paul Pars­ram and Ni­ran Ya­coob we­re re­mand­ed to pri­son when they ap­pe­a­red be­fo­re Chief Ma­gi­stra­te, Ann McLen­nan. Bis­ram along with his bo­dy­guard, Or­lan­do Dic­kie we­re sub­se­quent­ly char­ged with mur­der.

The mul­ti-mil­li­o­nai­re, who is the foun­der of the Mar­cus Bri­an Bis­ram Foun­da­ti­on, is said to ha­ve do­na­ted $2M to a Ber­bi­ce com­mu­ni­ty po­li­cing group and re­cent­ly pled­ged $200M an­nu­al­ly to the needy in Ber­bi­ce.

It is al­le­ged that Na­ri­ne­datt was mur­de­red bet­ween Oc­to­ber 31 and No­vem­ber 1, last at Num­ber 70 Vil­la­ge, Co­ren­ty­ne, Ber­bi­ce. Ac­cor­ding to re­ports, on the day of the kil­ling the over­seas-ba­sed Gu­y­a­ne­se ho­sted a par­ty at his ho­me, which Na­ri­ne­datt and a few others at­ten­ded. At so­me point Na­ri­ne­datt went to the back of the yard to uri­na­te. The over­seas-ba­sed Gu­y­a­ne­se al­le­gedly fol­lo­wed Na­ri­ne­datt and be­gan ma­king sexu­al ad­van­ces to­wards him. Na­ri­ne­datt slap­ped and pus­hed away the man.

It was then the re­jec­ted man al­le­gedly in­struc­ted his friends to kill Na­ri­ne­datt. It was re­por­ted that the over­seas-ba­sed Gu­y­a­ne­se told his friends he would en­su­re they are not cau­ght.

Kai­e­teur News un­der­stands that se­ve­r­al men beat Na­ri­ne­datt at the bu­si­ness­man’s pre­mi­ses. He was then ta­ken to a road­way and be­a­ten un­til he fell in­to a drain. The men re­por­ted­ly took the car­pen­ter by ve­hi­cle to Num­ber 70 Vil­la­ge, Co­ren­ty­ne, Ber­bi­ce, whe­re they dum­ped his bo­dy and dro­ve over it with a car to ma­ke it ap­pear li­ke a road ac­ci­dent.

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