Chief in­spec­tor de­nies ha­ving sold con­fis­ca­ted shrimp

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Chief In­spec­tor Ro­bert R, for­mer com­man­der of the Wes­tern Re­gi­on, on Mon­day de­nied in court that he had sold shrimp that had been con­fis­ca­ted. He clai­med that he has al­ways do­ne his job in good faith and sus­pects others of plot­ting against him. He ex­plai­ned that the shrimp we­re al­rea­dy de­caying and that he the­re­fo­re could not gi­ve them to so­ci­al in­sti­tu­tes. He the­re­fo­re had the shrimp de­st­roy­ed by dum­ping them. A wit­ness clai­med that he had paid the de­fen­dant $300 and $100 for shrimp that had been con­fis­ca­ted. The chief in­spec­tor who had con­fes­sed to the exa­mi­ning ma­gi­stra­te that he had sold the shrimp ex­plai­ned that he had ma­de a mista­ke when con­fes­sing to the cri­me. “I was ti­red that day and eve­ry­bo­dy was in a hur­ry to lea­ve the buil­ding.” A po­li­ce of­fi­cer told the court that Ro­bert R had in­struc­ted him to wri­te a fal­se re­port saying that the con­fis­ca­ted had been dum­ped whi­le they had in fact been sold.

Jud­ge Sieg­li­ne Wijn­hard poin­ted out that the po­li­ce­man’s sta­te­ment and the de­fen­dant’s con­fes­si­on are si­mi­lar. Ro­bert R ex­plai­ned that when he was as­sig­ned to res­to­re law and or­der along the back­track, pe­o­p­le re­sisted be­cau­se they knew that they would not be ab­le to ma­ke mo­ney with him as chief in­spec­tor. Short­ly be­fo­re he had re­cei­ved word that he would be re­lie­ved of his du­ties as re­gi­o­nal com­man­der, he al­so re­cei­ved a tip that 300 ki­los of co­cai­ne was go­ing to be trans­por­ted from Nic­ke­rie to Pa­ra­ma­ri­bo. The na­me of his pre­de­ces­sor was al­so men­ti­o­ned. RR clai­med that he im­me­di­a­te­ly laun­ched an in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on. Se­ve­r­al smug­g­lers clai­med that they had been cau­ght red-hand­ed with shrimp but that the de­fen­dant had pro­mi­sed to re­lea­se them if they ga­ve him mo­ney. The de­fen­dant stron­gly de­nied the ac­cu­sa­ti­ons. The tri­al will re­su­me of De­cem­ber 12.

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