PSC ur­ges ci­ty to scrap par­king me­ter pro­ject

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The Pri­va­te Sec­tor Com­mis­si­on (PSC) has writ­ten ci­ty may­or, Pa­tri­cia Green, ob­jec­ting to a ma­jor pro­ject to rol­lout par­king me­ters in Georgetown.

PSC, in a re­lea­sed let­ter, slam­med the pro­ject as in­di­rect taxa­ti­on wit­hout any va­lue cre­a­ti­on for the users. “The PSC has ca­re­ful­ly ob­ser­ved and as­ses­sed the M&CC’s plans to im­ple­ment par­king me­ters as a re­ve­nue ge­ne­ra­ti­on op­ti­on for the ci­ty. Mem­bers of the bu­si­ness com­mu­ni­ty are ex­tre­me­ly con­cerned as to the im­pact this will ha­ve on bu­si­nes­ses ope­ra­ting within the ci­ty, in par­ti­cu­lar on their em­ploy­ees and cus­to­mers.” Ac­cor­ding to the com­mis­si­on, which re­pre­sents a cross-sec­ti­on of bu­si­nes­ses in the coun­try, the par­king me­ters are not being vie­wed as a va­lue ad­ded ser­vi­ce to mem­bers of the pu­blic. “Par­king me­ters are an in­di­rect me­thod of taxa­ti­on wit­hout any va­lue cre­a­ti­on for the users. The bu­si­ness mo­del is dee­ply fla­wed on the si­de of the M&CC, as on­ly $20 from eve­ry $100 ta­ken as an in­di­rect tax from ci­ti­zens will go to the be­ne­fit of the ci­ty and the remai­ning $80 will go to­wards ad­mi­ni­stra­ti­on and wealth cre­a­ti­on of the in­ves­tors.” This, PSC ar­gued, is a high­ly in­ef­fi­cient way of tax col­lec­ti­on and uti­li­za­ti­on. “It would ha­ve been mo­re ac­cep­ta­ble had the Ci­ty re­cei­ved $80 and the ad­mi­ni­stra­tor of the par­king me­ters get $20. Fur­ther, the­re are no gu­a­ran­tees that par­king me­ters will in­crea­se se­cu­ri­ty, pu­blic sa­fe­ty and the ef­fi­ci­en­cy in do­ing bu­si­ness within the ca­pi­tal ci­ty.” The par­king me­ters are cur­rent­ly being in­stal­led with the ma­na­ger, Smart Ci­ty So­lu­ti­ons (SCS), gea­ring for com­mis­si­o­ning be­fo­re Christ­mas.

The company has al­rea­dy star­ted hi­ring wor­kers to mo­ni­tor the me­ters. Ac­cor­ding to PSC, the­re are a num­ber of sce­na­ri­os being con­si­de­red when it co­mes to the me­ters which will be in key are­as in­clu­ding Re­gent and Robb Streets, South and North Roads. PSC sug­ge­sted that the M&CC re-exa­mi­ne the fea­si­bi­li­ty and im­pact of im­ple­men­ting par­king me­ters in a coun­try with an eco­no­my that is small. “It is our view, that other and mo­re ef­fi­cient me­thods of ge­ne­ra­ting re­ve­nues can be con­si­de­red for the im­pro­ve­ment of the fi­nan­ci­al af­fairs of the ci­ty. We are wil­ling to meet to dis­cuss the­se op­ti­ons,” Chair­man Ed­ward Boy­er wro­te in the let­ter to the May­or. The let­ter was co­pied to Mi­nis­ter of Com­mu­ni­ties, Ronald Bul­kan; Mi­nis­ter of Bu­si­ness, Do­mi­nic Gas­kin; To­wn Clerk, Roys­ton King and me­dia hou­ses. M&CC had co­me un­der fi­re for the ques­ti­o­na­ble ne­go­ti­a­ti­on pro­cess in­vol­ved with the May­or and a team slam­med for an over­seas vi­sit to in­spect the me­ters. Me­an­w­hi­le, the PSC has al­so writ­ten Mi­nis­ter Bul­kan com­plai­ning about M&CC’s fai­lu­re to en­ga­ge in talks about de­vel­op­ments in the ci­ty.


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