Ta­li­ban fa­cing fi­nan­ci­al cri­sis

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AFGHANISTAN - The Af­ghan Ta­li­ban are fa­cing a cash cri­sis with do­nors un­wil­ling to bank­roll an in­sur­g­en­cy who­se vic­tims are in­cre­a­sin­gly ci­vi­lians ra­ther than fo­reign troops, ac­cor­ding to se­ve­r­al mem­bers of the mo­ve­ment.

Mul­lah Rah­ma­tul­lah Ka­kaza­da, a se­ni­or di­plo­mat un­der the Ta­li­ban re­gime, told that the Ta­li­ban was in an in­cre­a­sin­gly pre­ca­rious fi­nan­ci­al po­si­ti­on des­pi­te chal­king up se­ve­r­al dra­ma­tic batt­le­field suc­ces­ses in the last year. “The war is be­co­ming un­po­pu­lar be­cau­se of all the bad pu­bli­ci­ty on ci­vi­li­an ca­su­al­ties,” he said. “The­se pe­o­p­le who gi­ve mo­ney don’t want to spend it on mi­nes that kill child­ren.” The Ta­li­ban ha­ve long col­lec­ted do­na­ti­ons from sym­pa­thi­sers around the re­gi­on, in­clu­ding weal­thy Af­ghan and Arab bu­si­ness­men in the Gulf. But now the mo­ve­ment’s fi­nan­ces are so wea­ke­ned that so­me of its most se­rious­ly in­ju­red figh­ters are no lon­ger wel­co­me at Pa­k­is­tan’s pri­va­te hos­pi­tals be­cau­se they can­not sett­le their bills, ac­cor­ding to Ta­li­ban sour­ces. Ka­kaza­da said the de­par­tu­re of most fo­reign com­bat troops sin­ce 2014, and the out­break of bloody in­figh­ting bet­ween ri­val Ta­li­ban groups, had wea­ke­ned the le­gi­ti­ma­cy of a war the Ta­li­ban still port­ray as a strug­gle against “fo­reign oc­cu­pa­ti­on”.


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