Se­conda­ry school bans rai­sing hands in class

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ENG­LAND - A se­conda­ry school has been ac­cu­sed of put­ting ‘gim­micks’ over edu­ca­ti­on af­ter ban­ning pu­pils from rai­sing their hands to ans­wer ques­ti­ons. The Sam­worth Church Aca­de­my in Mans­field, Not­ting­ham­shi­re, has writ­ten to pa­rents to say it has abo­lis­hed the ‘age old prac­ti­ce’ be­cau­se it doe­sn’t ‘chal­len­ge and sup­port the learning of all’. But the mo­ve has been cri­ti­ci­sed by so­me pa­rents and the Na­ti­o­nal Union of Te­a­chers (NUT), who said it ‘shows a lack of res­pect’ to staff at the school. Pa­rents and other head te­a­chers ha­ve cal­l­ed it ‘bi­zar­re’ and a ‘step bac­k­wards’. In the let­ter, prin­ci­pal Bar­ry Found wro­te: ‘We ha­ve ta­ken the de­ci­si­on at the aca­de­my to dis­pen­se with the age old ‘hands up to ans­wer a ques­ti­on’ prac­ti­ce. ‘We find that the sa­me hands are go­ing up and as such the tea­ching does not chal­len­ge and sup­port the learning of all. ‘From Mon­day, No­vem­ber 28, hands will on­ly be rai­sed in the aca­de­my to es­ta­blish si­len­ce for lis­te­ning (the stu­dents are very used to this prac­ti­ce and are bril­li­ant at it.) ‘We will use a va­ri­e­ty of other tech­ni­ques to en­su­re that eve­ry stu­dent is chal­len­ged and de­vel­o­ped in class through our ques­ti­o­ning and that eve­ry stu­dent has op­por­tu­ni­ties to con­tri­bu­te and par­ti­ci­pa­te.’ Ho­we­ver, Ja­ne Crich, of the NUT, said: ‘Any pro­fes­si­o­nal tea­cher should be trusted to teach a par­ti­cu­lar to­pic in a par­ti­cu­lar sty­le ac­cor­ding to the class they ha­ve. ‘I don’t know if the­re was a dis­cus­si­on be­fo­re the de­ci­si­on was ma­de but it shows a lack of res­pect to the te­a­chers at the school. ‘Te­a­chers are ne­ver bac­k­wards in dis­cus­sing new edu­ca­ti­o­nal tech­ni­ques but ban­ning one from the class­room is stran­ge.’ And Li­am Con­way, who is al­so a mem­ber of the union, ad­ded: ‘This is a po­li­cy which may ha­ve so­me good rea­so­ning be­hind it. But pro­blem with this is I sus­pect it’s a po­li­cy that hasn’t been put to pro­per con­sulta­ti­on.’ Ho­we­ver, so­me pa­rents back­ed the idea. Lyn Jo­nes wro­te: ‘The kids soon get used to it and as men­ti­o­ned, it’s to gi­ve all kids the chan­ce. It is al­so so that the tea­cher can en­cou­ra­ge spea­king and lis­te­ning as and when is ap­prop­ri­a­te.’ (dai­ly­mail.

A stu­dent rai­ses her hand in class. (Photo: qui­e­t­re­vo­lu­ti­on)

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