FANS ANGER AF­TER CON­fiRMATION Cha­p­ecoen­se pla­ne ran out of fu­el

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BRASIL - Co­lom­bi­an me­dia re­lea­se au­dio of pi­lot tel­ling air traf­fic con­trol­lers that the pla­ne – which cras­hed kil­ling 71 play­ers, crew and jour­na­lists – was ‘wit­hout fu­el’.

Foot­ball, re­li­gi­on and grief do­mi­na­ted the emo­ti­o­nal re­qui­em ser­vi­ce in Sou­t­hern Bra­zil on Wed­nes­day night for the 71 play­ers, tech­ni­cal staff, sports jour­na­lists and crew kil­led when a pla­ne char­te­red by lo­cal team Cha­p­ecoen­se cras­hed on a Co­lom­bi­an moun­tain­si­de on Wed­nes­day. But the­re was anger too, at the re­ports cir­cu­la­ting that the pla­ne had run out of fu­el. On Wed­nes­day night Bra­zil’s O Glo­bo news­pa­per said Co­lom­bi­an ci­vil avi­a­ti­on au­tho­ri­ties had con­fir­med the­re was no fu­el in the air­craft’s tank and ha­ve ope­ned an in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on. De­lays get­ting from São Pau­lo to Bo­li­via, where the team char­te­red the pla­ne that cras­hed, me­ant a plan­ned re­fue­ling stop in Co­bija, Bo­li­via, was aban­do­ned be­cau­se the air­port does not ope­ra­te at night, O Glo­bo said. It was a mista­ke, said Na­ta­ly Fer­ran­ti, 16, from the team’s fe­ma­le youth team, that “en­ded li­ves, en­ded Cha­p­ecoen­se”.

“I feel in­dig­na­ti­on,” she said. A leak­ed re­cor­ding of the fi­nal mi­nu­tes of the doo­med flight re­ve­a­led a so­me­ti­mes cha­o­tic ex­chan­ge with the air traf­fic to­wer, with the pi­lot re­pe­a­ted­ly re­ques­ting au­tho­ri­za­ti­on to land be­cau­se of “fu­el pro­blems”. A con­trol­ler ex­plai­ned ano­ther pla­ne had been di­ver­ted with me­cha­ni­cal pro­blems and had pri­o­ri­ty, in­structing the pi­lot to wait se­ven mi­nu­tes. As the pla­ne cir­cled in a hol­ding pat­tern, the pi­lot grew mo­re des­pe­ra­te. “Com­ple­te elec­tri­cal fai­lu­re, wit­hout fu­el,” he said in the ten­se fi­nal mo­ments be­fo­re the pla­ne set off on a four-mi­nu­te de­ath spi­ral that en­ded with it slam­ming in­to a moun­tain­si­de on Mon­day night. Just be­fo­re go­ing si­lent the pi­lot ma­de a fi­nal plea to land: “Vec­tors, se­ño­ri­ta. Lan­ding vec­tors.”


Play­ers who did not travel on the fa­tal flight paid tri­bu­te to their team­ma­tes at the club’s sta­di­um in Cha­pecó. (Photo: AFP)

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