RIFT DEEPENS AMONG SOUTH Ko­rean po­li­ti­cians over ways to let pre­si­dent re­sign

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SEOUL - Rift dee­pe­ned among South Ko­rean po­li­ti­cians over how to let Pre­si­dent Park Geun-hye re­sign af­ter the em­batt­led lea­der’s third ad­dress to the na­ti­on in which she threw the ball of de­ci­si­on on her fa­te in par­li­a­men­ta­ry court.

Choo Mi-ae, chair­wo­man of the big­gest op­po­si­ti­on Min­joo Par­ty, and for­mer ru­ling Sae­nu­ri Par­ty chair­man Kim Moo-sung who is lea­ding the an­ti-Park fac­ti­on in his par­ty, met on Thurs­day to dis­cuss the way of re­mo­ving the scan­dal-hit pre­si­dent from of­fi­ce, ac­cor­ding to lo­cal me­dia re­ports. The mee­ting was held at the chair­wo­man’s sug­ge­s­ti­on, but the po­li­ti­cal big shots fai­led to reach any agree­ment on de­tai­led sche­du­les and legal pro­ce­du­res for the pre­si­dent’s re­sig­na­ti­on which Park de­mand­ed in her speech on Tues­day. Ad­dres­sing the na­ti­on for the third ti­me sin­ce the scan­dal in­vol­ving herself emer­ged in Oc­to­ber, Park said she will de­fer her retre­at, in­clu­ding the shor­te­ning of pre­si­d­en­cy, to the uni­ca­me­ral par­li­a­ment. Un­der the coun­try’s con­sti­tu­ti­on, im­pe­ach­ment and con­sti­tu­ti­o­nal amend­ment are the on­ly op­ti­ons to cut short Park’s sin­gle, fi­ve-year term as the scan­dal-pla­gued lea­der re­fu­sed a vo­lun­ta­ry re­sig­na­ti­on ci­ting the breach of the con­sti­tu­ti­on that gu­a­ran­tees a full ten­ure ex­cept trea­son and in­sur­rec­ti­on. The for­mer Sae­nu­ri chief re­por­ted­ly said his an­ti-Park fac­ti­on would vo­te on a bill to im­peach Park un­less the pre­si­dent ac­cepts the fac­ti­on’s call to vo­lun­ta­ri­ly re­sign by next April. Choo stres­sed the im­por­tan­ce of the im­pe­ach­ment mo­ti­on to be pas­sed through the Na­ti­o­nal As­sem­bly as la­te as next Fri­day when the re­gu­lar ses­si­on ends. The main op­po­si­ti­on par­ty head de­mand­ed Park step down by the end of next Ja­nu­a­ry.

Di­vi­si­ve­ness dee­pe­ned bet­ween ri­val par­ties. The ru­ling par­ty held a ge­ne­ral mee­ting of the as­sem­bly mem­bers, adop­ting its par­ty li­ne una­ni­mous­ly that Sae­nu­ri law­ma­kers will de­mand Pre­si­dent Park stand down by next April and a pre­si­den­ti­al elec­ti­on be held two months la­ter. The so-cal­l­ed “or­der­ly” retre­at was pro­po­sed by the el­der sta­tes­men, in­clu­ding for­mer par­li­a­men­ta­ry spea­kers and ex-pri­me mi­nis­ters who met on Sun­day to co­me up with a road map for the scan­dal-hit pre­si­dent’s re­sig­na­ti­on. Chung Jin-seok, the ru­ling par­ty’s whip, ex­plai­ned the par­ty li­ne to re­por­ters, saying the mi­ni­mum pre­pa­ra­ti­on pe­ri­od is re­qui­red to en­su­re a sta­ble trans­fer of po­wer, ur­ging the op­po­si­ti­on bloc to agree to the ti­me­li­ne his par­ty sug­ge­sted. If the op­po­si­ti­on bloc agrees to the sche­du­le and Pre­si­dent Park fol­lows it, she would be­co­me the first South Ko­rean lea­der to re­sign sin­ce 1960 when Rhee Syng­man, the coun­try’s foun­ding pre­si­dent, step­ped down on po­pu­lar upri­sings against a dis­pu­ted elec­ti­on.


South Ko­rean Pre­si­dent Park Geun-hye de­li­ve­ring a speech on TV. Lo­cal re­si­dents are wat­ching at a rail­way sta­ti­on in Seoul, ca­pi­tal of South Korea. (Photo: Xin­hua)

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