7,000 Gu­y­a­ne­se li­ving with HIV

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Du­ring World AIDS Day, yes­ter­day lo­cal sta­tis­tics re­ve­a­led that the­re are 7,000 Gu­y­a­ne­se li­ving with the Hu­man Im­mu­no­de­fi­ci­en­cy Vi­rus (HIV).

Of the in­fec­ted, 5,300 ha­ve been lin­ked to a ca­re and tre­at­ment fa­ci­li­ty with ap­proxi­ma­te­ly 85 per­cent re­cei­ving An­ti­re­tro­vi­ral Tre­at­ment. This is ac­cor­ding to in­for­ma­ti­on re­cor­ded by the Na­ti­o­nal AIDS Pro­gram Se­cre­ta­ri­at, the HIV/AIDS figh­ting arm of the Mi­ni­stry of Pu­blic He­alth. NAPS has been ab­le to de­du­ce, too, that it is esti­ma­ted that less than 200 per­sons die an­nu­al­ly from AIDS-re­la­ted ill­nes­ses. Gu­y­a­na has been re­a­li­zing so­me ma­jor gains in its fight against the on­ce drea­ded di­sea­se. Among the­se is the fact that the Mo­ther to Child Trans­mis­si­on ra­te of HIV cur­rent­ly stands at two per­cent and the pre­va­len­ce of the in­fec­ti­on in preg­nant mo­thers remains at 1.9 per­cent. NAPS has re­ve­a­led too that the trends sug­gest that the­re has been a gra­du­al de­cli­ne in the num­ber of new AIDS ca­ses over the past fi­ve ye­ars.

Fur­ther, it has been found that the gen­der most af­fec­ted he­re in Gu­y­a­na is ma­le, whi­le per­sons bet­ween the ages of 25 and 49 ye­ars con­ti­nue to ac­count for most of the new HIV in­fec­ti­ons. Ho­we­ver, it has been found that in the epi­de­mi­o­lo­gi­cal con­text of Gu­y­a­na, the­re has been a no­ti­ce­a­ble in­crea­se in the num­ber of youth bet­ween the age of 15 and 24 af­fec­ted. But Gu­y­a­na, li­ke the rest of the world, has com­mit­ted to end the AIDS epi­de­mic by 2030. (Kai­e­teur­news.com)

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