KBS starts with fire­works sa­fe­ty tour

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The Fi­re De­part­ment Su­ri­na­me (KBS) re­por­ted­ly laun­ched its Fire­works Sa­fe­ty Tour in the Wa­ni­ca Dis­trict on Wed­nes­day. Fi­re­figh­ters wal­ked and dro­ve through the streets of the Wa­ni­ca Dis­trict to gi­ve pe­o­p­le in­for­ma­ti­on about fire­works. The fi­re­figh­ters star­ted with their rounds at 4 p.m. whi­le being es­cor­ted by a sound car. The fi­re­figh­ters went door-to-door to hand out fly­ers and to ha­ve a se­rious talk with the child­ren of the va­rious neigh­bor­hoods. The KBS aims at vi­si­ting as ma­ny neigh­bor­hoods as pos­si­ble. The KBS on Thurs­day star­ted with its sur­veil­lan­ce ope­ra­ti­on which is ai­med at boos­ting fire­works sa­fe­ty. One fire­works vic­tim was re­por­ted on Wed­nes­day and the KBS wants to ma­ke su­re that the­re are no mo­re fire­works vic­tims. But it does not ha­ve ey­es and ears eve­ry­whe­re which is why it is ur­ging eve­ry­bo­dy to no­ti­fy the po­li­ce or the Fi­re De­part­ment when they see so­me­bo­dy per­for­ming ac­ti­ons that po­se a th­re­at to the per­son himself/herself and others. The fire­works pe­ri­od star­ted on December 27 and will end on Ja­nu­a­ry 2. Re­tai­lers are not al­lo­wed to sell fire­works and fire­crac­kers to mi­nors. They must al­so pla­ce the fire­works and fire­crac­kers in a glass ca­bi­net and they must al­so put up NO SMOKING signs. It is for­bid­den to sell fire­works near flam­ma­ble sub­stan­ces. Ir­re­gu­la­ri­ties can be re­por­ted to the po­li­ce at 115 or to the Fi­re De­part­ment at 110.

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