NYC ends year with sharp drop in mur­der ra­te

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USA - New York Ci­ty is on track to re­cord a sharp drop in mur­ders for 2017, down 14.5% over the last year, ac­cor­ding to New York Po­li­ce De­part­ment re­cords.

The ci­ty re­cor­ded 278 ho­mi­ci­des for the year as of 17 December, com­pa­red with 325 at the sa­me point last year. The fi­gu­res in­clu­de the eight vic­tims of an Oc­to­ber at­tack al­le­gedly by an Isla­mic Sta­te-in­spi­red ex­tre­mist. Num­bers of fe­lo­ny as­saults, bur­gla­ries and au­to theft ca­ses al­so de­crea­sed in 2017, com­pa­red with the pri­or year, along with a 10% drop in rob­be­ries.

Po­li­ce com­mis­si­o­ner Ja­mes O’Neill said at a news con­fe­ren­ce that the ci­ty was see­ing the lo­west num­ber of in­dex cri­mes – wil­l­ful ho­mi­ci­de, ra­pe, rob­be­ry, bur­gla­ry, ag­gra­va­ted as­sault, lar­ce­ny over $50, mo­tor ve­hi­cle theft and ar­son – “sin­ce the 50s.”

The num­ber of ti­mes po­li­ce fired their we­apons du­ring an in­ci­dent al­so drop­ped shar­ply in 2017, from 23 in­ci­dents as of 17 December, com­pa­red with 37 in­ci­dents in 2016.

O’Neill cre­di­ted a fo­cus on cur­bing gang vi­o­len­ce cou­pled with a po­li­cy of neigh­bor­hood po­li­cing as sig­ni­fi­cant rea­sons for the drop in cri­me. “No one knows bet­ter than the pe­o­p­le pa­trol­ling tho­se sec­tors and the pe­o­p­le that li­ve the­re what’s ac­tu­al­ly hap­pe­ning,” O’Neill said, ad­ding that he ho­pes to ma­ke neigh­bor­hood po­li­cing a ci­ty­wi­de stra­te­gy next year.

The mur­der ra­te peak­ed in New York in the ear­ly 1990s, when up­wards of 2,000 ho­mi­ci­des we­re re­cor­ded an­nu­al­ly. (The Gu­ar­di­an)

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