Girl is first fire­works vic­tim

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The Emer­g­en­cy Room (ER) on Tues­day li­sted the na­ti­on’s first fire­works vic­tim at around 12:18 in the af­ter­noon. The young girl (10) was rus­hed to the ER by her pa­rents. The pa­rents told the me­di­cal wor­kers that the girl’s nep­hew had lit fire­works and that she suf­fe­red an eye in­ju­ry as she was stan­ding too clo­se to him. “The girl was re­fer­red to an opht­hal­mo­lo­gist”, said ac­ting chief of staff at the ER, Mi­reya Ro­dri­gu­ez. She poin­ted out that eve­ry­bo­dy must fol­low the sa­fe­ty ru­les gi­ven by the Fi­re De­part­ment Su­ri­na­me (KBS) and other agen­cies. Pe­o­p­le are being ur­ged to wear sa­fe­ty gog­gles when ligh­ting fire­works with an in­cen­se. “If you are not the one ligh­ting the fire­crac­kers or fire­works, you must not stand too clo­se”, said Ro­dri­quez who ad­ded that eye and hand in­ju­ries are the most com­mon in­ju­ries that are re­por­ted. Child­ren must al­ways light fire­works un­der the su­per­vi­si­on of an adult. Re­ports in­di­ca­te that half of the fire­works vic­tims are mi­nors. Child­ren must not light fire­works when they are alo­ne in the hou­se or in the yard. Pa­rents remain re­spon­si­ble for the sa­fe­ty of their child and other child­ren. “You must know what your child is ligh­ting and you must al­so know whe­re your child is ligh­ting the fire­works. Pa­rents ….keep an eye on your child,” said Ro­dri­gu­ez. Last year the youn­gest fire­works vic­tim was a 3-year-old girl and the ol­dest was a 38-year-old man. The­re we­re 25 fire­works vic­tims in to­tal last year and in 2015 the­re we­re 21.

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