Chi­ne­se em­bas­sy do­na­tes food to less pri­vi­le­ged South Afri­can fa­mi­lies

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SOUTH AFRI­CA - The Chi­ne­se em­bas­sy on Fri­day do­na­ted food par­cels to less pri­vi­le­ged fa­mi­lies in So­we­to to­wns­hip in Jo­han­nes­burg, South Afri­ca.

“We are he­re to pay tri­bu­te and of­fer sup­port to the pe­o­p­le of So­we­to through do­na­ti­ons of so­me most­ly nee­ded sup­plies to lo­cal com­mu­ni­ty. The­se 1,000 food par­cels and 5,000 mas­ks are not much, whi­le they re­pre­sent the cor­di­al bro­ther­hood and friends­hip bet­ween the pe­o­p­le of Chi­na and South Afri­ca”, said Li Nan, Char­ge d’af­fai­res of the Chi­ne­se Em­bas­sy in South Afri­ca.

Li said “The Chi­ne­se com­pa­nies and com­mu­ni­ties in

South Afri­ca will al­ways fight as one with the South Afri­can pe­o­p­le to ti­de over dif­fi­cul­ties.”

The Afri­can Na­ti­o­nal Con­gress youth le­a­gue mem­ber Bhe­ki Nku­ta than­ked Chi­na for the do­na­ti­ons.

He said “We thank the em­bas­sy for co­ming to our com­mu­ni­ties, we ap­pre­ci­a­te that.”

A 32-year old re­si­dent Nol­wa­zi Ma­jo­la told Xin­hua that she will sha­re the do­na­ted food par­cels with eight fa­mi­ly mem­bers. She said they are all gra­te­ful for the do­na­ti­on which will sup­ple­ment the food they bought with grant from the govern­ment.


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