PLO warns of Is­rael’s steps to­wards an­nex­ing parts of West Bank

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IS­RAEL Pa­les­ti­ne Li­be­ra­ti­on Or­ga­ni­za­ti­on (PLO) on Sa­tur­day war­ned Is­rael against ta­king steps to­wards the prac­ti­cal an­nexa­ti­on of West Bank lands.

The PLO’s de­part­ment of de­fen­ding lands and re­sis­ting Is­rae­li sett­le­ment un­vei­led in a re­port that ex­tre­mist groups of Is­rae­li sett­lers joi­ned a cham­ber of ope­ra­ti­ons that pre­pa­res for the an­nexa­ti­on

- plan of West Bank lands on the ground.

“The­se groups are re­crui­ting ac­ti­vists and held a se­ries of ses­si­ons and work­shops dis­cus­sing what are the next steps”, said the re­port, ad­ding that the­se groups held field tours to see how the an­nexa­ti­on plan will be im­ple­men­ted.

The Is­rae­li govern­ment of Pri­me Mi­nis­ter Ben­ja­min

Ne­ta­nya­hu plans to an­nex mo­re than 30 per­cent of the West Bank ter­ri­to­ries, in­clu­ding the Jor­dan Val­ley, whi­le im­po­sing Is­rae­li sove­reign­ty on se­ve­r­al Is­rae­li sett­le­ments. The PLO re­port said that the Is­rae­li ar­my for­ces es­ca­la­ted its me­a­su­res in the Jor­dan Val­ley area, in­clu­ding de­structing wa­ter in­fra­struc­tu­re, con­fis­ca­ting equip­ment and de­st­roying far­mers’ pro­per­ties.

The re­port al­so said that the Is­rae­li ar­my for­ces dem­o­lis­hed se­ve­r­al hou­ses that be­long to Be­douins and hand­ed writ­ten dem­o­li­ti­on no­ti­fi­ca­ti­ons to se­ve­r­al ho­me ow­ners in the area.

The Is­rae­li an­nexa­ti­on plan is sche­du­led to be im­ple­men­ted next month, ac­cor­ding to Is­rae­li of­fi­ci­als.


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