Taxi dri­ver char­ged for blud­ge­o­ning bu­si­ness­wo­man to de­ath with pad­lock

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A taxi dri­ver and a wel­l­known sa­les­man of 47 Pras­had Na­gar, Ge­or­ge­to­wn who re­por­ted­ly beat 61-ye­a­rold bu­si­ness­wo­man Sat­tie Beek­har­ry to de­ath with a lar­ge pad­lock, on Fri­day was char­ged and re­mand­ed to pri­son. Thirty­fi­ve­year­old Ra­feek Khan ap­pe­a­red at the Vi­gi­lan­ce Ma­gi­stra­te court, and con­nec­ted via Sky­pe to Ma­gi­stra­te Ma­ris­sa Mit­tel­hol­zer, whe­re he was not re­qui­red to plea to the in­dic­ta­ble char­ge. It is al­le­ged, that on Ju­ne 1, 2020, Khan re­pe­a­ted­ly struck Beek­har­ry with a lar­ge pad­lock at her ho­me lo­ca­ted at lot 152 Be­go­nia Ave­nue, At­lan­tic Gar­dens, East Coast De­me­ra­ra. A pre­vious re­port re­ve­a­led that Khan had re­por­ted­ly con­fes­sed to the gru­e­so­me kil­ling of the po­pu­lar bu­si­ness­wo­man. In­ves­ti­ga­tors told this pu­bli­ca­ti­on that Khan went to the wo­man’s hou­se to col­lect a sum of mo­ney owed to him when an ar­gu­ment en­sued bet­ween Beek­har­ry and Khan. The en­ra­ged Khan took a lar­ge pad­lock and dealt Beek­har­ry las­hes to the head and bo­dy cau­sing her to col­lap­se on her li­ving room floor. Neigh­bours who heard the wo­man’s scream sum­mo­ned the po­li­ce. When ranks ar­ri­ved, they had to for­ce their way in­to the hea­vi­ly gril­led and lock­ed buil­ding. Mrs. Beek­har­ry was found ly­ing fa­ce down in a pool of blood whi­le Khan was cau­ght hi­ding in the cei­ling. An au­top­sy la­ter re­ve­a­led that Beek­har­ry sustai­ned frac­tu­red ribs and a blunt for­ce trau­ma to the brain.

Khan is sche­du­led to ma­ke his next court ap­pe­a­ran­ce on Ju­ly 20 at the Spa­ren­daam Ma­gi­stra­te Court.

(Kai­e­teur News)

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